30 Sep 2019

Best Uses for Portable Banners

Portable banners are convenient and ideal for advertising in various environments. Whether it is a convention, tradeshow or a private meeting, effective usage of these banners can ensure your brand stands out.

Below are some standard settings where portable banners excel. Also included are tips on how to efficiently maximize the visual appeal of the banner in each environment.

Tradeshow Advertisement

The central premise of a tradeshow is that it puts businesses inside a vast hall to compete to get attention from the media, potential clients, trade representatives and business experts. Portable banners can help in emphasizing specific services or products while displaying critical brand information like the company logo.

For the best impact, you want your pull-up banner to be precise and placed strategically facing the side with heavy foot traffic. That way, you guarantee high visibility. You can use two banner stands facing opposite sides to increase the exposure.

Also, when in a tradeshow, avoid the mistake of placing the banner inside your booth. You should maximize your booth space and not intrude on where visitors should stand.

Business Conference

If you wish to advertise efficiently at a business conference that you’re either attending or hosting without spending a lot of time setting up, use a portable banner. You can promote key speakers, indicate which parts of the conference are being used and also emphasize significant points.

Portable banners are excellent for guiding visitors on directions for checking in or registering at the business conference. Banners can even direct traffic in the meeting to minimize inconvenience and congestion for guests. Also, decorate the presentation stage with banner stands while you present to highlight specific topics and add that visual attractiveness.

The trick with conference banners is to use them sparingly and not overwhelm guests. Also, place them near, but not inside places of heavy traffic. That way, you avoid instances where they get knocked over.

Enhancing your Presentation

Presentations without appealing visual aids are likely going to fail. Hence, bringing portable banner stands helps to deliver information to your audience and showing professionalism.

The banner ensures you deliver a more consistent, graphical image. Also, the mobility and size of these banners guarantee more professional presentations. They work great even in a smaller room without taking anything away from your message.

Local Community Fair

Having a local advertisement presence is essential, particularly for small businesses interested in building a loyal client base. You can capitalize on community fairs to setup portable banners and advertise your business to the residents.

The fast setup and affordability of these pull-up banners allow businesses to efficiently market to potential local clients. Highlight your achievements within the area and ensure to list how your business benefits the residents along with other promotional information.

With banner stands at fairs, you can have URLs or QR codes that offer visitors discounted prices. The additional online interaction can even test how effective your marketing is at festivals. You can evaluate the number of visitors to the specific page listed exclusively on the banner.

Also, place the banners cleverly at the fair’s entrance to help in directing people to your advertising booth. If it’s a charity event, ensure you highlight how the organization benefits the community to strengthen public relations.


The portability and flexibility of pull-up banners support multiple uses across numerous settings. So, ensure you carry a banner stand for your next conference, tradeshow, presentation or product launch among other business settings.


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06 Aug 2019

Top 3 Display Systems

An Exhibitions is an effective opportunity to highlight and promote your goods, services and brand, attracting both investors and consumers. To stand out from the crowd and make the most from the large pool of potential clients, you must be equipped with all the right tools of marketing. The display system you would use will depend on the size, location and your intention of the event. Large scale outdoor expos require different branding and marketing tools from small indoor expos. Regardless of the variables, marketing and branding applications make your presence in an exhibition worthwhile. When it comes to an exhibition or event, it is all about the first impression you have on a passer-by.
Below are 3 display applications that can turn your ordinary expo booth to extraordinary.

1 Media walls

If you want to grab attention in an expo, a media wall is your best bet. Media walls are large displays that are perfect for events, trade shows, retail advertising, activations, and exhibitions. The size of media walls varies, and the size of the event is the main determinant. For large outdoor expos, the advertising space is often significant. A small display may get swallowed in the multitude of stands and banners. Large media walls are the best alternative to reel in potential clients. A large wall with a captivating design is enough to get the right attention.
To stand out as a business, it is crucial to personalise your media wall. Unique media walls not only call for attention but also sell a brand. An attractive artwork coupled with a uniquely styled media wall is effective in getting the attention you need. Media walls are designed in various style ranging from a curved and wavy set up to a straight style. Regardless of the design, setting up a media wall easy, simply following the instructions and you can have the entire set-up in no time at all.

2 Banners

It’s almost impossible to walk through an expo and not come across a banner. A banner is the simplest and most popular advertising display. Its application ranges from indoor to outdoor use. They are light-weight and portable. A roll-up banner is one of the simplest and easy to set up. No tools required, all you need to do is pull up the display and secure it on the frame. In just a few seconds you can have an advertising display banner up.
Banners come in different sizes and styles. The simple economy roll-up banner features a simple sizeable display while the premium banners have changeable graphic cassettes. Premium banners use high-grade polyester film and a solid aluminium base for stability. Other than the convenience, another attractive characteristic of banners is the price. Pull up Banners are affordable advertising solutions with designs that can fit into any budget.
Aside from roll-up banners, there are other types of banners. Fabric banner stands give highly detailed displays ideal for marketing products. Hanging banners, on the other hand, use a unique support system. Instead of getting support from a stable base, the banner is hung. Stage backdrop banners are very prominent, they are used in product launches, activations and outdoor expos. The banner provides a beautiful set-up for both marketing and branding purposes.

3 Flags

Flags often represent or identify particular things. In marketing, they are useful tools to sell brands and products. The application of flags in an expo heavily depends on the location and the intention. Large flags are suitable for outdoor expos where the wind can get under the flag and raise the display. There are different types of flags. Teardrop, feathered flags and custom pole flags are great additions to outdoor expos. They bring attention to stands and make businesses conspicuous. Shopfront flags also serve the same purpose but are often installed at business premises. Hand flags and car flags are best for branding.

When your flag is on a car, you can be sure it will be seen around town. Bunting flags have a long history dating back to medieval fairs and ceremonies. Years down the line, they are still valuable marketing and branding tools. Bunting flags add excitement to a boring expo stand. They are colourful and draw attention easily. Unlike teardrop flags and feathered flags, buntings have both indoor and outdoor application. Due to their size, buntings only go well with large texts.

The Accessories.

It’s essential to carry all the necessary accessories that go with your marketing tools. For portable banner the carry bag makes transportation more comfortable and also helps in organising items while setting up or setting down. If necessary, you can carry a display lamp. The lamp is often clamped to the banner and increases visibility in poorly lit areas.
When you have all the marketing tools you need at an expo, you can make the most from your presence there. Sell both your products and brand with the right tools.


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06 Aug 2019

Picking the Right Display for Your Needs

A professionally designed and strategically presented exhibition display has the potential of drawing enormous attention to your business. Whether you’re mounting a display at a trade show, a conference, or exploring a personal indoor or outdoor event, the quality of your display must be top-notch. By doing so, you position your business for pleasing return on investment from your marketing efforts.
So, how do you go about getting a display for your business? If that’s your concern, check out the following tips.

1 Understand Your Audience

One of the most pivotal considerations when picking an exhibition display is your target audience. If you know your target audience well, it’ll be easier for you to get an exhibition display that best appeals to them. Color, design, and setup are some of the things you may want to fine-tune to the taste of your target audience.

2 Consider Your Products and Services

Your products and services will determine the kind of exhibition display you choose. For example, if you’re selling phones, consider getting a display that provides an area for your stand visitors to test the devices and interact with your salespeople. On the other hand, where you’d like to speak into details and face-to-face with your customers, an exhibition display that promotes this kind of interaction would be ideal. This could be a display that has a seating setup. Whatever the choice you make, just be sure it provides the service you need.

3 Consider Your Budget

Your budget should guide your choice of display. Your budget will most probably dictate whether you should buy or hire. If you’re operating on a low budget, hiring could be the best option. However, invest in higher quality items if you’re planning to use the display frequently. If renting isn’t the direction you’d like to take, look for an affordable display. Just be sure that the company you’re engaging has a good reputation for quality.

4 Frequency of Use

In most cases, the transportation and use of exhibition displays become quite demanding. Where the frequency of use is high, the display shouldn’t be one that wears out fast. Therefore, choose the kind of display that can withstand time and usage. With the high number of exhibition displays in Melbourne, Sydney, and Gold Coast, you’ll surely get what works best for you.

5 Choose the Right Design Colours

When it comes to attracting the attention of your target audience, choosing colours that appeal to them is indispensable. When doing this, don’t just use random colours. Ensure you use your corporate colours so that you leave a lasting mental image.

6 Amount of Space Available

Whatever the exhibition display you choose; it should be of a size that fits snugly within the available space. Also, it should be such that the design is visible from all important angles for the maximum marketing benefit.

7 Ease of Setup

Not all the exhibition displays are easy to set up. Therefore, whenever you’re going to purchase or hire one, you must consider how simple or difficult it is to set up. In case it’s a complicated process, you may want to invite a professional to help you with it. Asking an expert would mean you have to pay some money. On the other hand, you may choose to use the setup video tutorials.
Once you’ve picked the right exhibition display banner stand, prepare well for the event. If you need lighting for your stand, only pick lights that blend in well with your set up and corporate colour scheme. Anything that dampens the already attractive aura isn’t acceptable.
Go out there and look great, win new customers, and grow bigger.


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02 Jul 2019

Banner Bug Media Wall

Brand visuals are a great way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. One great way to amplify your branded visuals is to use our Banner Bug Media Wall for your next event. Apart from the fact that it will make your space stand out, it will also promote the theme, encourage photo opportunities, and is highly affordable.
With more than 32 years of experience, Banner Bug can easily distinguish between the good and the bad in media walls. This substantial expertise has impacted the design and production of our Banner Bug media wall, so it provides you with a professional touch and competitive edge. If you are interested in finding out how? Keep reading.


Why Our Media Walls Stand Out

The following reasons why our BannerBug Media Wall stands out from the others:
Unique Features
The media wall print is a high definition full-colour print, which maximises attraction, displays all graphic elements in High Definition, and drives optimum attention to your brand. BannerBug Media Wall can also fit into a 3-metre exhibition stand, providing high coverage.


Highly Durable and Cost Effective:
Banner Bug media walls are crease-resistant and made from engineered materials of high quality, which makes the media print durable. In other words, it’s excellent value for your money.


Different Sizes are Available
Banner Bug offers 3 Media Wall sizes to choose from depending on your needs. The exact size measurements are as follows: 1800 mm, 2400 mm and 2900 mm.


Quick, Easy and Simple
BannerBug is determined to facilitate the set-up and pack-up process of its Media Wall. As a result, BannerBug Media Wall encompasses a seamless design with utmost simplicity; easy to set up at the beginning of any event and pack away at the end. It also comes in a nylon travel bag with wheels for maximum portability.


Take Action Now

It is by no mistake that Banner Bug has made a name for itself in the world of media walls and exhibition displays. What you see is a result of years of dedication and experience.
Professionals at Banner Bug are in constant learning to keep improving the products and suit your needs.
There is no doubt that ‘Banner Bug media wall’ is designed to give you more than a mere taste of quality; They are designed to promote your brand, drive more customers and potentially increase your revenue. The good thing is that you enjoy all these great qualities at an affordable rate. Contact Banner Bug today to get a media wall, banner stand or pull-up banner.


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02 Jul 2019

5 Types of Banner Stands for Trade Shows

1 Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are the most popular type of banner stands for trade shows because they are cost-effective and easy to use. This type of banner stays flat and contained within the base of the stand. It uses a spring-loaded mechanism that rolls down the banner graphic into the base, coiled within the stand, when not in use. Retractable stands are easy to set up. You only need to extend the pole, place the foot end in the selected spot, pull the banner up and firmly attach it to the pole.


2 Crosswire Banner Stands

Crosswire Banner stand gives you the ability to contract or expand the banner as per your requirement during the trade show. This type of stand is perfect for creating collage style graphics. Unlike the retractable ones, the crosswire stands require assembly. The crosswire poles are re-usable and fit with all media. They are also freestanding and don’t require tension to maintain balance. The crosswire stand comes with a sturdy base; the banner is unfolded, attached to the crosswire pole, and held in place without the use of any tools.


3 X-Style Banner Stands

X-style banner stands can accommodate a fixed sized display. The stand can either have plastic or metal tubing with springs, which makes it easier to set up. The banner needs to be attached at the four corners with grommets. Most companies prefer this type of banner stand over others due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of use. X-style banner stands are fragile due to their hollow tubing; hence, they are most effective when used indoors, as they can’t bear wind.
Due to their fast set-up process, X-Style Banner stands make it easier to attach a different display and change the graphics when required.


4 A-Style Banner Stands

Unlike the X-style banner stand, the A-style stand is a double-sided stand that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. These stands are lightweight yet highly durable and can withstand high winds as well. They are primarily composed of aluminium alloys coated with an acrylic sheet for extra protection. Due to its A-style frame, banners can be added on both the sides, making it perfect for trade shows and other corporate events.


5 EXO Banner Stand

EXO banner stand is a double-sided, heavy-duty, rugged banner stand that has been in use for a while. They are incredibly sturdy, making it perfect for outdoor use. Similar to the A-style banner stand, the EXO banner stand can also display ads on both its sides. Its ability to withstand tough conditions is what makes it the preferred choice of trade show exhibitioners.

These are the five most popular types of banner stands you can decide on for your next tradeshow. It is critical to choose the right banner stand to enhance the message you want to communicate.


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12 May 2019

The Advantages of Using Retractable Banners in a Trade Show

Your ability to succeed at trade show or exhibitions is based on your capability to capture the attention of attendees as they pass by your section. The modern business requires a flexible display solution that will provide them with value during trade show events. Businesses looking to consolidate their overall marketing campaign expenditure, are looking for solutions that can serve their company objectives in several ways. This is where retractable banners come into the play. A retractable banner is a go-to marketing tool often used at trade shows, designed with visual graphics or a unique message of the business. These pull-up banners are a great way of simplifying your trade show equipment without surrendering the visual appeal.
Read on to find the advantages of using retractable banners in a trade show.


1 Effective

According to research, it is found that the average trade show visitor looks at a banner for at least six seconds. Retractable banners with minimalist design and clean lines tend to gather the attention of the attendees. They are easy to set up and don’t take much of your time allowing you to focus on more important things like, promote your business. Your retractable banner should include the following entities:
• Your company website
• Your company name and logo
• A clear headline
• Description of what you are presenting at the trade show
• Visual graphics

Remember keep it simple!

2 Affordable

Retractable banners are a great way to convey your company message and if you can do it effectively and at a reasonable price, you are already winning. The best part, even a top-rank model won’t break the bank! There are several sizing options available, at afforable pricing at Banner Bug. Investing in a retractable banner that can be used repeatedly from one trade show to another may also increase your ROI.

3 Portable

Another advantage is that they easily retract back into a sturdy base. This makes them practically compact and easy to carry around. Retractable banners incorporate a sturdy base that has an anodized aluminium casing where the banner can be easily retracted. They include a carrying case with a handle making them a perfect choice for travelling as they are so easy to store away.

4 Adds Professionalism

Retractable banners add professionalism to your stand. Rather than having a table display, a retractable banner can make your display stand out from others at the trade show if used in a creative way.
BannerBug offer a stylish, sleek, modern retractable banner stand that is both compact and durable and takes only seconds to set up.


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12 May 2019

Things You Should Avoid When Designing Portable Banners?

Portable banners are excellent marketing tools when you are on the road. They are lightweight and can be robust enough to use both indoors and in open air forums. If you are accustomed to making many practical presentations, a well designed portable banner can create a sense of professionalism and can make your brand stand out from the competition.
Many people are not very particular about their banner design and simply outsource the designing task for printing houses. However, if you want your brand to remain in your customers’ minds, you should take extra steps to ensure that your pull-up banner communicates your message. Whether you want to present your company brand or some of your products, your banner should be clear and easy to read at a glance.
Here are some tips on what to avoid when designing your portable banner.


Spelling Mistakes

Few things are worse than making a spelling error on your company banner. Spelling mistakes challenge your professionalism and attention to detail and can make your customers doubt your ability to deliver on your promises. In many cases, it may be better not to have the banner at all than to have one with spelling errors.
Nobody is perfect and whether the errors were generated from your office or the printer’s does not matter. In the end, you should make sure you review every banner design before it is printed and ask the printers to make physical or digital samples that you can review with your colleagues before they make the actual banner.


Image Quality

It is quite common to come across a pull-up banner that has a pixelated or blurry logo or photo on it. This happens when you design the banner on your computer without considering the recommended resolution for the banner.
Make sure the images you choose meet or surpass the resolution requirements for the banner. This way, the banner will capture all the details you wish to present.


Word Content

The number of words you include on your banner should be well balanced. Nevertheless, you may need to include a sentence or two to describe your product or what your company does especially if your brand is not well known. The basic guideline is to designate the wordy product descriptions to flyers and use iconic images on the banner.


Logo Size and Placement

The one thing that needs to stand out clearly on your banner is your logo. Your customers should leave your presentation with your logo imprinted in their minds. Images tend to linger in people’s minds longer than words as such you should put more emphasis on your logo than the company slogan.
Make sure your logo is placed close to the top of your pull-up banner at eye level so that it can capture the attention of people passing by it. Moreover, your logo and core message should be large enough to be read from across the room. For clarity, don’t put any other images or logos next to yours on your company banner.


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08 Apr 2019

Type of Banner Stands That Will Be Suitable For Indoor Use

In the effort to attract as many potential customers as possible, you would want to set up a great display that reaches out to all of the exhibition attendees. This is why an exhibition booth is not just a simple stand where you attract potential customers and give them detailed information about your services or product. The quality of your banner stands will reflect on your company and make a lasting impression, and it is therefore important that your exhibition display is designed well for maximum sales. (more…)

08 Apr 2019

The Five Advantages of Retractable Banner Stands

Often used at marketing and fundraising events, for educational purposes and retail stores, the possibilities to use retractable banner stands are endless. Once custom designed, the portable stand-alone banners can be used again and again, making them a very popular and a cost-effective marketing tool. When designed properly with a unique message or a visual graphic of your company, retractable banner stands are a fantastic way to catch the attention of many potential customers at an exhibition. (more…)

22 Feb 2019

Looking After Your Banners

Pull up banners, are, without a doubt a great advertising tool for your business, product or service, they promote you in both a stylish and professional way. Nothing ruins that good impression faster than a pull up banner that has truly seen better days, it’s torn, creased, faded and just looking worse for wear. (more…)


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