08 Apr 2019

Type of Banner Stands That Will Be Suitable For Indoor Use

In the effort to attract as many potential customers as possible, you would want to set up a great display that reaches out to all of the exhibition attendees. This is why an exhibition booth is not just a simple stand where you attract potential customers and give them detailed information about your services or product. The quality of your banner stands will reflect on your company and make a lasting impression, and it is therefore important that your exhibition display is designed well for maximum sales. (more…)

08 Apr 2019

The Five Advantages of Retractable Banner Stands

Often used at marketing and fundraising events, for educational purposes and retail stores, the possibilities to use retractable banner stands are endless. Once custom designed, the portable stand-alone banners can be used again and again, making them a very popular and a cost-effective marketing tool. When designed properly with a unique message or a visual graphic of your company, retractable banner stands are a fantastic way to catch the attention of many potential customers at an exhibition. (more…)

22 Feb 2019

Looking After Your Banners

Pull up banners, are, without a doubt a great advertising tool for your business, product or service, they promote you in both a stylish and professional way. Nothing ruins that good impression faster than a pull up banner that has truly seen better days, it’s torn, creased, faded and just looking worse for wear. (more…)

20 Feb 2019

Start Planning Your 2019 Corporate Event With These Tips

It’s the beginning of the new year and while you want to start planning for your next corporate event, maybe you’re not sure how to go about it. While you are used to planning trade shows and meetings, the thought of organising a corporate event is daunting – but – it doesn’t have to be! (more…)

16 Jan 2019

Tips for Easily Transporting Your Banners

If you are travelling for a trade show, expo, conference or other event you want to do everything you can to ensure your banners stay intact as you move around from event to event.

Attending trade shows is a necessity, if you don’t attend trade shows, conferences, expos etc you are missing out on the chance to grow. (more…)

15 Jan 2019

Banner Inspirations for 2019

When it comes to costs, and value for money a pull up banner is an affordable marketing tool, they are extremely durable and that’s just one reason why businesses use them for point of purchase displays, at expos and events and as *outdoor ads* in general. If your banner hasn’t been well designed or given a makeover for the new year you may have difficulty getting noticed. (more…)

11 Jan 2019

All Our Banners Are Easy To Move And Set Up

If you are looking for a banner that is portable, look no further. Portable banners are easy and fast to set up, and they provide a *high impact* solution. Portable banners are perfect for use at press conferences exhibitions, conferences, trade shows, presentations, point of sale displays and so much more. Portable and pull up banners also do not need to be hung anywhere, no wires, ropes, need for a wall etc, they stand on their own and stay where you put them. For use at the front of a shop, inside a display or as a feature wall, all our banners are easy to move and set up and can be pulled up and popped in place by just one person. You no longer need a *team* to help you set up.

Media Wall

These portable banners are often used for exhibitions, media conferences and presentations. The large walls come in 3 sizes 1800/2400/2900 and have been designed specially to maximise your brand or advertising. If you want the professional edge a simple to set up Media Wall is the way to go. Coming in a nylon travel bag with wheels it fits into a 3m exhibition stand and is printed in high definition full colour. Without a doubt this is THE fastest and simplest form of pop-up stand available.


Available in 3 sizes – 580mm, 800mm and 1000mm wide, this portable banner is economical. Light weight and will certainly create a focal point at any event. Featuring a lot of space to print your advertising or brand, the PiX makes for a very eye-catching presentation if used in an open area. Folded in minutes these stands look great when illuminated from the inside. The perfect way to impress.

DS-X Frame

If you have a tight budget – perhaps you are just starting out, the DS-X Frame is the most economical portable banner in the range. It is very easy to set up, and is also lightweight making it easy to move, even when set up. All you have to do is attach the 4 corners of the vinyl banner to the X frame and you have a functional display stand. Fast, simple and a job one person can do on their own. The DS-X Frame comes with its own carry pouch and is available in three different sizes depending on the size of the graphic you need.

Banner Buddy

Another affordable portable banner stand, available in 3 widths, 580mm, 850mm, and 1000mm. It is non-retractable and comes as a single-sided display with a modern and sleek look. It is very lightweight, easy to use and the graphic panel can be changed any time. This is a versatile unit that is compact, perfect for in-store promotions, conferences, exhibitions or your shop, store or outlet, it takes up little space, is easy to set up and still has a very professional look.

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08 Jan 2019

How To Store Your Banners Between Events

Banner advertising is an important part of any marketing campaign. Banners are used at numerous events from trade shows and expos to conferences, fairs, markets and shopping centre displays. Whether you are using your roll up banners as a back drop at the back of your display, on the street advertising your business, or inside your shop.

There comes a time, when you need to pack your banner away, it might be just overnight, for a few days or even a few weeks. Regular vinyl style banners are great for advertising, but they can be a nightmare to deal with when to comes time to store them. Many marketing items you use at a trade show or event look great when they are on display, but, when it comes time to store them away, there really isn’t any *safe way*. When you have been on your feet all day at a trade show or event, the last thing you need to deal with is folding banners and putting them away.

Roll up banners save you from one of the most annoying problems when it comes to display adverting. Roll up banners provide their own safe storage system, built right into the base! Many businesses end up with a cupboard filled with trade show banners AND all the accessories they need to set them up. Trying to find the right banner you need out of all that mess can be extremely frustrating.

Pull up banners change all this. The great thing about a pull up banner is that it retracts into its own base and clips into place. This gives you the safest and neatest storage solution possible. The base can also be slipped neatly into a nylon, or hard carry case for easy transportation. All the pieces you need to support the banner will also fold down or be stored inside the base, no having to search through a cupboard for the right supports.

This means you can store different pull up banners together – side by side or stacked on top of each other in the cupboard safely and securely. The bottom or side of the stand can even be labelled, so you know exactly which banner is which without having to unroll every single one to find the one you need.

Pull up banners also last longer than standard banners as the banner is stored in it’s base and is kept dust free and away from the light while it’s being stored. Pull up banners are rolled into the base, it’s not folded, so it’s not going to become creased which means it will last for years. Every time you go to set your banner up, it will be guaranteed to look great.

Not only are pull up banners convenient to store, but in storage they won’t be exposed to any additional wear and tear. Storage and transportation is no longer a problem.

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13 Nov 2018

Stand out from your competitors with these display banner ideas

When your business is participating in a trade show, expo, fete, conference or any other event, it is giving you the perfect opportunity to introduce your products and services to a new audience. However, when you are in a space that’s filled with other vendors, it’s important you stand out because you are all vying for the same people’s attention. The best way to stand out from your competitors is by using some well-designed banners.

  • Use a clear, eye-catching tagline on your pull up banner
  • Choose one main thing on your banner that your audience should remember
  • Display your pull up banner where it will get the most views
  • While it’s fine to incorporate graphics on your banner, keep your message clear
  • Use QR codes to direct customers to your website
  • Restrict your banner design to just one or two graphics, stay away from using too many photos
  • Use only a limited number of bright colours
  • Leave some empty space, don’t clutter your banner
  • Make sure all the text used on your pull up banner is legible

Remember, you are only getting one shot at being memorable.

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The PiX banner is made in Australia and comes with a 24-month warranty, available in 3 sizes – 580mm, 800mm and 1000mm wide, it’s perfect to use when you want to create a focal point at any event. It has a lot of space allowing you to print your brand and advertising. Economical and weighing just 3.5kilos these banner stands can be folded in minutes. They are eye-catching when placed in an open area or when illuminated from inside.

DS-X Frame

If you are on a tight budget the DS-X Frame is lightweight, simple to set up and economical. Available in three different sizes depending on the size of the graphic you require. The DS-X Frame comes with a carry pouch and is quick to assemble with a fast graphic image changeover.

Banner Buddy

Available in 3 widths – 580mm, 850mm, and 1000mm, the Banner Buddy is a non-retractable banner stand that has a single sided display with a modern, sleek look. Affordable and lightweight, it is super easy to use, and the graphic panel can be exchanged easily and quickly at any time. If you are looking for a versatile banner, that is compact and installs quickly and easily the Banner Buddy is for you. Perfect for use at conferences, expos, seminars, exhibitions, in-store promotions, or marketing displays in shopping centres. Banner Buddy is perfect for saving space while being easy to set up.

Banner stands, and pull up banners are the perfect addition to your marketing campaign, they have so many uses, and most importantly they make your business look professional while getting your message out there to a wider audience.

13 Nov 2018

Tips for Surviving Long Expos

If you’re in the business of exhibitions, you are probably well aware of the long days that sometimes drag on into the evening and through the night. Meanwhile, you have to manage the exhibition and greet the public with a smile. The longs days can beat you down if you’re doing a circuit and this can have an effect of on your overall wellbeing.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your life easier to reduce the toll on your body, so you can survive the expo season. Staff management, equipment, and self-care are things to consider when planning your exhibition, so you don’t crash and burn in the end. This post is dedicated to providing you with tips so you can remain, happy, healthy and positive throughout your expo run.

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Make Life Easier

Set up and pack down are probably the most physically demanding jobs of the exhibition. If you can, try to avoid using heavy gear that is hard to transport. Pull-up banners are your best friend as they are optimal for a great display and they are easy to set up and pack down. Only take what you need and make sure you have a few spares just in case of a technical issue.

Adequate Staffing

Make sure you have enough staff so that each member can have scheduled breaks throughout the exhibition, so they can recharge their batteries and represent your business with a smile on their dial. It’s also a good idea to provide water to your staff so they can remain hydrated throughout the day. Supplying food is optional, but you will find it makes a big difference and lets your staff know that you care.

The more hands on deck the lighter the work is and having the right amount of staff will ease the load, making set up a lot faster so you can focus on the important stuff. The important stuff is putting your best foot forward for your brand and attracting new customers.

Energy levels

Try to avoid having too much caffeine or sugary drinks. These types of drinks have a tendency to cause dehydration. They may make you feel energised in the short term, although it’s short-lived and you will find yourself crashing and burning midway through the exhibition.

Regular rests

Being in front of the public eye can be physically and mentally demanding, so allow yourself and your staff a fifteen-minute break every three hours to regenerate and come back out to the floor, ready to engage with people. This will prevent everyone from getting frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s not an image you want to send out with your brand or product. The old saying about the happy staff, happy customers reigns true in the expo biz. Oh yes, sleep is very important to make sure you are adequately rested before the event. I can’t stress that enough. I know it’s hard when you’re pulling fifteen-hour days but do your best to get some rest!

Heed this advice at your next expo and you should come out on top and feeling chipper, ready for your next event. At Banner Bug, we know the exhibition display business and we know the toll It can take on your body. If you ever need some help in the display department or simply some good advice pop, onto our website or contact us directly and we will happily point you in the right direction.



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