19 Sep 2018

How Retractable Banners Work

Retractable banners are crucial artillery in your display exhibition arsenal – or, on a lighter note, they can be like flowers in a garden. Regardless of the way you look at it, they are an integral piece of equipment in your event and exhibition kit. They are versatile, portable, storable and can be used indoor and outdoor.

How do they work? From a successful display design standpoint, they work well. Very well, and can be used in a range of different applications if you have a touch of creativity and some gusto for your work. Even still. Gusto and creativity are not mandatory to make good use of these little gems that are a must have display item.

How Do They Work?

Retractable banners retract using a spring-loaded system; similar to a pull-down blind mechanism, except you pull up and instead of down. They have a solid base so they are able to stand alone in pretty much all conditions. It’s so simple.

There are basically three parts. The base, the actual sign, and the support. You simply take it off the carry bag, pull up, insert the support rod, pull the sign up and clip it on. The whole process is lightning fast and 7/11 convenient.

They seriously can be carried and installed by a 10-year-old. So if you have kids, put them to work to cut down on labour costs, ha! The retraction features are optimal for storage and transportation and the carry bag makes it all the more user-friendly.

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The Design Aspect

From the display perspective, these are a hot ticket on the floor. They can be used throughout your exhibition in a number of ways and highlight the key reason they exist. To promote your brand.

Pull up banners and retractable banners are must have’s in the kit. Using multiple retractable banners of different shapes and even printing, depending on the design you have in mind, are a great tool for giving your display depth and dimension. They are usually used in conjunction with media wall and often used to frame the entire exhibition.

Having the option of multiple sizes gives you the option to get creative and create the most engaging display in the building. A good idea is to use them as support or draw attention to a media wall if you are using them indoors in an exhibition. Start with smaller banners at the front and work your way back in size to draw people to your booth and create depth and space. There’s is nothing more boring than a flat, unengaging exhibit.

Luckily if you get a decent set of these puppies in the kit in various sizes you are pretty much covered on all bases and can make a decent display at any event. Their versatility makes retractable banners a great creative display tool with unlimited potential. So use your imagination and make your display stand out with some Banner Bug pull-up banners or some retractable banners.

Retractable banners work with a simplicity and portability in mind and are a go-to item in the exhibition display industry.

18 Sep 2018

How Many Different Portable Banners Will You Need For An Indoor Expo?

The age-old question of how many portable banners you will need for an indoor expo is dependent on a few variables. These are variables such as set up, location, traffic control and the amount of space you have to work with. Each event is different and will require a different set up to get optimum results and give your brand the attention it deserves.

Portable banners are the ideal tools for making your brand stand out and have the added convenience of portability and they don’t take up too much storage space. In this post, we will take a look at portable banners that may be essential for your next event.

Banner Bug Media Wall

The media wall is an essential tool in the quest for maximum exposure for your business. They come in three sizes – 1800/2400/2900 – and all pack down into a portable carry case. The media wall will usually be your central point or key feature at your next event and all other banners will be positioned accordingly to draw attention to it. This is definitely number one on the list and should be a staple in your exhibition kit.

Retractable Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are great for framing the media wall. They are small, compact and set up within in a matter of minutes. Try using them either side of the media wall to frame and draw attention to it. We would suggest a minimum of two in your kit, but four is a better number and will give more freedom to work with and get the set up you want. They also work great for directing traffic flow to certain areas of your exhibition.

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Varying Sizes of Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners of varying sizes are also great to have in your kit. When designing your exhibition, you want to create an engaging display that is visually engaging. Using different sized banners creates depth and dimension in your display. Usually, putting smaller banners to the front and bigger banners to the back, evenly spaced, is a great way of creating depth and directing the eye to the main attraction which is the media wall. We would recommend using three different sizes and buying two of each one.

Ok, so your kit is starting to become something that you can work with. You have your media wall as your star, your retractable banners as support, and your pull up banners to add sparkle and depth. There is nothing worse than a display that looks flat. They are so easy to walk straight past and not even know they are there.

This should be enough to get you started. Always have in mind a design for your display while thinking about the parameters you have to work with and this will give you a clear indication of what you need at certain events.

At Banner Bug, we know the importance of putting your best foot forward at exhibitions and that’s why we are here to help. So, when it comes to your exhibition needs, don’t hesitate to give us call and we will happily steer you in the right direction.

22 Aug 2018

Tips for your next conference

A conference is an opportunity to show off your brand in its best light. It’s a public event that draws a huge following. It’s likely to be transmitted across media channels, causing an even bigger impact and spreading its reach. This is great until you make a mistake and have it disseminated that widely. Errors happen, it’s part of being human. However, as you organise your conference, you can take extra steps to minimise their occurrence and impact. Start by planning your conference right, making a list of everything you require.

Check in with the speakers

You’d be surprised how often a speaker oversleeps and misses their cue. This can happen even with professionals that are paid to perform. After all, part of their package includes being wined and dined or having access to a fancy hotel with good food, paid cable, and a bar. They might also have to (or want to) mingle with your staff, and those evenings can sometimes get out of hand. It could even be a simple matter of jet lag and body clocks if their system hasn’t adjusted to your time zone. A quick call-in to make sure they’re awake and prepared could save you a world of grief. Also, double-check their transport to the venue. Where possible, pick them up yourself. It’s a nice personal touch.

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Review your banners

You can never do this enough. Inspect them when you start planning the conference, to make sure they’re all on message and undamaged. If you’re ordering a new set of pull-up banners and retractables, have them completed at least a week in advance, so you have room to correct any misprints. Ensure there’s a safe on-site storage space for them, and check them 24 hours before, as well as the night before, just in case. Have contingencies in place. For example, mix digital screens with physical banners so they can back each other up. Moreover, check for typos and hashtags, they tend to slip past your radar.

Incorporate social media

News outlets may cover your event, but they’ll give it their own slant, and press releases don’t hold as much water as live coverage. So create your own newsfeed using social media channels. Live-tweet the conference, shoot some video for Facebook or Instagram, have a digital screen on-stage to collate social responses and engage them in real-time. Prep your social media team and mix veterans with millennials. Your younger staff and interns may know all about the medium, but an older guiding hand can prevent PR and HR nightmares that your netizens may overlook or underestimate.

Keep time

Late starts are inefficient and unprofessional, but speakers who drag on and events that continue long after people have tuned out … those are worse. Read the crowd. If people start to slip out, discreetly at first and them more obviously, wrap things up or call a break. Try to arrange your itinerary with frequent interludes so people have time to regroup and regain their focus. Serve snacks and light entertainment during breaks, and layout your venue to encourage mingling and networking.

For banners that will send the right message at your corporate conference, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.

21 Aug 2018

Get customers with these displays

When you are in business and want a pull up banner, be it for your own shop, or for use at trade shows, expos, markets, fairs or conferences, you want a pull up banner that is sleek, stylish, modern, durable and compact. Pull up banners offer you a practical way to display your message. These banners are available both as one or double sided and come in a range of heights and widths, and are a convenient, fast and simple way to get your message out there.

There are a range of banner stands available to suit your marketing needs, from pull up banners to media walls, you will find the right banner and banner style for your needs. Each stand has its own distinctive features allowing you to choose the right style, size and height for not only your advertising needs, but, for your budget as well.

Banners need to suit both your budget, and, your advertising needs, your image and the message you need to convey. From pop-up displays and table top displays to pull up banners and banner stands, these quality items are a must for any growing business.

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Pull up banners can be used in a wide range of settings including theatres, shopping centres, shops, airports, conventions, trade shows, expos etc. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to add impact to your display, increase your brands awareness, highlight your key selling points, products, services or events using banners that are easy to transport, quick to set up and easy to move, pull up banners are the answer.

You can save time and money and change your banners easily thanks to the style of pull up banner stands available. You can change your banner easily and quickly, allowing you to update your banners message whenever you need.

Using portable banners can make getting your name or message – out there – so much easier. You choose the design and your banner specialist can create a banner that is perfect for your needs, from updating a logo, to giving your brand a makeover banners are practical and affordable.

  • Banners are quick and easy to set up
  • They are so easy to transport
  • Affordable
  • They are the perfect form of mobile advertising
  • You can place them wherever there is space, perfect at crowded events
  • You don’t need to hang them anywhere, they stand on their own and set up in seconds
  • They are not complicated to set up or use and can be handled by one person
  • You work with your graphic designer to achieve the look and feel you are going for
  • Design your information in such a way it really stands out
  • Anything you can imagine can be added to your banner, from fonts and colours to graphics
  • Banners can be one sided, or double sided for maximum impact

25 Jul 2018

Refresh your banner collection this winter

The main advantage of portable banners is you can stretch their usage across different venues. The same banner – if you designed it well – can spread from trade fair to festival. It all depends on the message you selected. As you prepare for any event, design a set of banners that are specifically for that occasion, but print some that can be repurposed.

In fact, even with event-specific ads, word them in a way that can be recycled. Instead of saying ‘Our brand welcomes you to Sydney Music Festival July 2018’, say something like, ‘Our brand dances to your tune’ or ‘Talk to us today and put the dance back in your step’. These are both musical messages that fit the context of a band-based gig, but they’re broad enough to cross-cut into regular everyday brand displays.

Another benefit you can draw from Banner Bug is that our banners are fully re-usable. Our stands are solid, stable, and interchange-able. You can recycle your banner stands by removing the printed fabric and replacing it with something else. This can be necessitated by multiple scenarios. The ad may be old and the fabric may be worn out. Other times, even though the vinyl is fine, the message has ‘expired’.

As good as a rest

Of course it may just be time for a change. You may want some new attention on a flagging brand, or you want to update your collateral for a new year or season. You don’t have to start the entire process from scratch. You can make some basic tweaks on existing templates to give itsome ‘new season’ sparkle. When you work with us, it’s easily done because we give you sizing templates, but we also have your base artwork.

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Here at Banner Bug, we generally request that you submit print files in PDF format. We don’t want to alter or interfere with your design and concepts. Still, your design team should have the raw files, so adjusting them is an easy fix. Start with basic adjustments. Trade in the colour palette so you end up with the same wording and imagery in a variant tinge.

It’ll make customers look twice, trying to figure out exactly what’s different about it, and those additional moments of attention sear your products deeper into their memory, enhancing brand recall. If you’d like a difference that’s a little more distinct, change the model. If it’s a kitten, change it to a puppy. Replace a female model with a male one, or use a different female model, one that’s physically diverse.

Wardrobes that don’t malfunction

You could even ‘dress’ them in more weather-appropriate clothes. This doesn’t have to be costly. If you don’t want to commission a fresh photoshoot, and if your designer is well-versed with Photoshop, you can lift new images from a commercial photo library, delete the layers with prior models, and plug in the new ones before polishing the new ads to make them look as realistic and seamless as the earlier ones.

Photo libraries frequently contain the same model in a variety of poses and outfits, so find alternatives to modify your visuals. Another approach is to focus on the words. Work with your copywriter to plug in a new headline and alter the message slightly so it applies to this season. Swap ‘Chill out and relax’ to ‘Heat thing up this season’, just as an example.

For more suggestions on refreshing your brand banners this season, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.

21 Jul 2018

Are your banners ready for your winter corporate events?

Pull up banners are far less expensive than business signs, they are also more portable and versatile. To maximise your advertising dollar, it’s important to get your banner right – the first time. As we head into winter it’s important that your pull up banners are correct, the message you want to convey is up to date, and that everything is perfect. Pull up banners are your first line of *defence* when it comes to advertising – you need to have this perfect for your winter corporate events.

  • Your message – your message is more important than any graphics you may be using. So, you want to ensure your banner says what you want it to say about your product or service. Designs are a great way to grab someone’s attention, but it is your MESSAGE that is going to draw a potential customer or client to you, you need to inspire them to take action.
  • Your headline – does it still say what you need it to say? The most important part of your message is the headline. When you are driving or walking around, take notice of other local banners and signs are they grabbing your attention? Are they attractive? Do any of them make you want to pick up the phone and find out more?
  • Okay, so your headline is perfect, they know what you have to sell or offer, now they need to know WHAT it is your business or service can do for them. Provide a brief description of your service, or benefits or what your product or service will give to them. Why should they give you their money? If you communicate well, it will help you make sales.
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  • Call to Action – you have a potential customer or client interested – now you need a call to action, without this you lose sales. It’s no good having a promotion, special offer or product if you don’t tell someone where to get it, or how to take advantage make sure your phone number or website is visible.
  • Branding – keep your branding consistent with your company’s message. You certainly want to have your logo visible, you want people to associate your logo with your name.
  • Does your banner target your audience? If your product is aimed at people over 40, don’t have a picture with teenagers using it, always keep your customers in mind when creating the graphic for your banner.
  • What event are using your pull up banners at? Always consider where and when you will be using your pull up banner this winter. A pull up banner that looks like it belongs at the event but has distinguishing features will help it stand out from the other banners at the corporate event.
  • Remember that while you want your banner to fit into the environment you also want it to stand out. Colours are a great way to provide contrast. If your backdrop is dark, use bright colours, if the event is going to be bright, use dark colours instead as they will stand out.

28 Jun 2018

Our banner stands are built to last

A banner is not only a branding tool but a marketing statement. It’s one of the best ways to sell your product or service in an open space. Banners have a handsome return on investment and they’re a long-term investment especially for companies that seek to sell their brand. Unfortunately, most banner stands don’t give you years of service. After purchasing one, it’s only a matter of months before they start showing signs of wear and tear. In less than a year you can move from a stylish, eye-catching banner to a completely useless faulty banner. For quality banner stands, the trick lies in the build.

The design is crucial when it comes to banners. Although banner stands are small portable installations, meticulous work goes into making a quality durable banner. The base of a roll-up banner forms the most crucial part. It stabilizes the banner by lowering the centre of gravity. Though a heavy base is good, too much weight reduces the banners portability. On the other hand, a light base means your banner will be falling at the slightest shove. For a build that will last, a balance must be struck between portability and stability. The ideal banner is light but strong against any jostle.

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Behind every durable banner are durable materials. It’s obvious that sturdy materials will give you a sturdy banner. Most manufacturers compromise on materials when making banners. They use light, cheap plastic or weal metal to make the fame of a roll-up banner. Unfortunately, such banners do not last for long. It’s only a matter of time before things start breaking down. The first causality is always the beams that hold the banner up. Once the support is compromised, the banner is practically unusable. Some manufacturers use strong materials for their build. Although it’s not cheap, their banners last for years and are a worthwhile investment for any company.

When banners are not standing out in the open, they should be safely packed in storage boxes and specialised bags. Unfortunately, most banners don’t come with specialised storage options. It’s upon the user to figure out where to keep their banner once they are done with it. Consequently, most banners are stored poorly and they accrue damage. Proper storage of a banner will certainly make it last longer. Ideally, each banner should come with its own storage bag and storage instructions. This allows safe storage and easy transportation.

Banners come in different shapes and sizes. Most require a bit of assembly to set them up. The less complicated the assembly the more likely the banner will be set up correctly. Simple designs tend are durable because of few mishaps. Moreover, simple roll-up banners have fewer components hence they are less likely to get damaged. These banners last for years and they are easily assembled and dismantled. Therefore when you notice some banners last longer than others the difference is in the design, the build and the storage. Only banners that last are worth investing in.

26 Jun 2018

Re-branding? Don’t forget to update your display banners!

The human mind works in an interesting way. When you want a new lease on life, you change your hair colour or your wardrobe, making you feel like a different person. If you’re jaded by your surroundings and you can’t migrate or get out of your lease, you hire an interior decorator or buy some paint and change your home or office theme.

This tactic works for businesses too. Re-branding can completely shift the way your customers look at you. It could jump-start the waning interest of your long-time clients, or attract a fresh demographic. The direction of your re-brand will dictate audience response, so do your research. Brighter colours and quirky fonts will pull in the younger crowd, while solid motifs and darker tones will appeal to an older, more conservative audience.

Start with a plan

Before you dive into artistic direction, come up with a strategy. The ‘why’ should hem the ‘how’ not the other way around. Are you marking a milestone, like a 10-year anniversary or a jubilee celebration? Are you reacting to new brands in the market that are nipping at your heels and shaking up the competition? Are you venturing into new territories, launching in a new geographical region? Are you hoping to expand beyond your traditional clientele?

Maybe your sales numbers are fine, but you want to extend your market share, or maybe your brand is feeling taken for granted. Your re-branding mission will guide your re-branding vision because your targets will tell you what areas you need to alter or enhance, and what specific steps you need to take in terms or tweaking your current brand visuals or going a full 180° and flipping your brand positioning.

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Name and logo

The first step in any re-branding exercise is changing your logo. You could develop a new brand palette, broaden your existing one, or even narrow your colour choices into something bolder and more direct. Work with your design team for font options. Your logo derives from your name and mascot, and it’s not always a good idea to change those. You might alienate happy customers and lose traction.

You could, therefore, opt for a shorter version, maybe in the form of an acronym, nickname, or alternate spelling. On the other hand, if your current name has baggage, you could pick something completely unrelated as a way to divorce past associations. If a merger drives your re-brand, you could hyphenate or mingle brand identities into a new coupling.

Make a checklist

Once everyone is happy with the new name, icon, mascot, and attendant collateral, it can be rolled out onto stationery, merchandise, and of course, the office cars and buildings. You’re sure to erect some new billboards and outdoor ads to launch the new look. But it can be easy to forget the portable banners that are neatly packed in their carry-cases and stacked in storage rooms.

You don’t want to fly into a panic at your next trade show when you suddenly realise all your gear still has the old logo. When you work with Banner Bug, we can put together a re-branding package for you. We’ll print your new visuals on all the formats you’ve previously ordered with us, and we can recommend some new ones too. You won’t need to buy new retractable stands or frames for your advertising material. We’ll re-skin the hardware you already have, and can top up your event arsenal with re-branded pull-up banners.

For all your re-branding banner needs, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.

21 May 2018

Why our portable banners are easy to use

Portable banners are an extremely important marketing tool, for ANY type of business. It doesn’t matter what your *goals* are – advertising at a local festival, fete or market, or wanting to draw attention at a conference, trade show or other event. A well-placed banner is the best way to do it. Portable banners are, without a doubt an effective marketing tool that every business owner should have in their tool kit.

Portable banners, are, like their name suggests – portable, they are also eye-catching and very simple and easy to use. These are an all in one promotional or advertising tool that can be customised to the business owners needs and specifications, to draw in customers and make sales. They are extremely popular because they are self-contained and are an all-in-one advertising display. Banners are mounted into stands that can be erected and popped into place in seconds and they ensure visibility for your product, service or business.

Portable banner stands can be used inside and outside, which makes them extremely popular, inside you can place them in the middle of a crowd, or outside to grab the attention of passers-by.

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If you want a portable banner that is easy to transport and quick to set up, retractable or pull-up banners are a good choice. If your business has you out on the road a lot, travelling from trade show to trade show or convention to convention, you need a portable banner that unfolds quickly and shows your message easily. Portable banners also don’t require sand bags, ropes, hooks or anything to hold them up. At the end of the day, when it’s time to pack up, simply retract the banner back into the stand, and then slide it into the transportable banner stand and you’re done. Your banner is packed away neatly, safety and quickly for the next time.

Rollup or pull up banners can be taken with you on the go, you don’t need a team of people to hang bulky banners, one person on their own can roll their banner to where it needs to be, remove it from the case, pull it up and all the work is done. They are portable and only have a small *footprint* which is perfect if your trade show or event kiosk has limited space. You can place your banners at the back and have them as a back drop or put them to the front or side of your display for maximum impact.

At Trade shows and expos, the event is full of companies all vying for everyone’s attention, so you need to have the proper banner, you want something that’s easy to transport and fast to put up and take down, our banners are so easy to use, and quite lightweight. Roll up banners are extremely practical, and, as they roll back into their own protective stand, you don’t have to worry about damaging your banners every time you use them.

16 May 2018

The best banner kit for your Winter events

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean your corporate event should be ruined. If anything, lousy weather may ensure you have a captive audience, because once they reach your venue, they can’t leave. As you plan your event, be sure there’s plenty of shelter in case it starts to rain. Your potential prospects will be far more likely to respond to your brand messaging if they’re warm and dry.

In the meantime, you want to use a banner kit that can withstand the weather. You want a comprehensive set of banners to create the full event booth experience. Start with a media wall. It can be as big as 3m and makes a great backdrop for your exhibition stand. They can take full colour printed graphics and are interchange-able when you want to change your messaging without addition expenditure.

A media wall is a fully retractable banner than can be set up in seconds, and when you’re done, you can roll them up and stash them in their wheeled nylon carrier bag. You can accompany your media wall with desk bugs, smaller desktop retractables that can be positioned on service desks. All our banners can be stored in nylon cases or hard cases, which are optional at an added fee.

Banners for every situation

On a cloudy day, or in a dimmer corner of your exhibition centre, you can try our PiX banners. They’re pull-up banners that can be lit up from the inside using specialised fixtures designed for that purpose. They work especially well at night, and can be used to draw attention to a particular aspect of your product offerings. They’re light at just 3.5kg and have a fully serviceable 2-year warranty.

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It’s not necessary for your whole banner kit to retract. Some units are fit for standing banners, and the Banner Buddy fills that position nicely. It’s still portable, because you can fold it up and store it in a nylon case. It’s only printed on one side, but it allows you to advertise when you have limited room. CS800 is a standing banner as well.

Our range of Banner Bug displays can be mixed and matched depending on the type of display you’d like to set up. Their key advantage is that their printing is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rain. We have different kinds of printing ink, including water-based colours, EcoSolvent, and sublimated dye that can withstand rain damage.

Long-lasting vinyl warranties

These designs don’t chip off or scrape, even in intense heat. The vinyl doesn’t tear easily, and its ink has UV protection to prevent sun damage, as well as anti-reflective properties so the banners can easily be read, even in bright sunlight and strong indoor lighting.

The carry cases of the banners keep them from physical damage in transit, extending their lifespan, and many come with warranties. We have designed our banners to save you money, because once you buy the frame, you can replace the printed media without having to buy a new frame. You can keep replacing the vinyl indefinitely, so it’s a solid investment.

To order a banner kit for your corporate event this winter, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.


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