How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out at a Trade Show

Marketing yourself effectively at trade shows is a fantastic strategy for opening up small businesses into new markets. It is an opportunity for promoting your services and products to anyone unfamiliar.

Besides finding a suitable trade show within your industry, some simple tips can give your business an edge during your next event. These secrets shown below should enhance your success at a tradeshow as a small business owner.


Capitalize on Interactive Displays

Aside from intriguing pull-up banners, interactive displays are a captivating way to attract visitors to your booth. The display could show a tangible product. Other great options include unique questionnaires or interactive PowerPoint slides that display the product’s photos.


Add Giveaways

Help everyone who stops or passes by your display booth remember your product or small business. To do this your visitors need something to remember you by, this could be a product, samples of sort, business cards and any other item that can leave a lasting impression. Whether you offer magnets or pens, ensure that they prominently carry your logo and business name.

Likewise, it is essential to sufficiently stock up all those giveaways so that you don’t diminish your supplies during the trade show. For example, bring enough product data sheets and brochures to pass to your potential clients.


Tasty Treats

One tip that is sure to get exhibition attendees to make a stop in your booth at a small business tradeshow is having some tasty treats available. The gifts can be anything from cookies to delicious biscuits.

Most people love free tasty treats. This simple trick ensures anyone passing by is drawn in by even the smell of those fresh and inviting gifts. If you can try and get snacks everyone can enjoy even those with certain allergies.


Have a Few Backup Booth Attendants

Business trade shows will run for long hours, from early in the morning to late at night. It is both unwise and not fair to ask one person to be solely responsible for your display booth for that whole duration.

A smart tip is to bring backup attendants. One attendant can show the products to clients, while the others can be walking around doing competition research, networking or attending the various seminars. They can interchange regularly, and this helps keep your attendants fresh and ready to assist clients.


Innovative Booth Design

Your goal at a trade show should be to entice and grab the interest of both participants and attendees. Your products are the main star of your presentation. However, having an innovatively designed banner stand will set a fantastic stage to showcase your items. Consider the following elements when planning your booth space:

• Colour coordinate the walls with other booth elements, keeping the colour tones inviting and warm.
• Include pull-up banners in the booth with attractive graphics of people either enjoying the product or just photos showcasing the products.
• Customize the tablecloths to compliment the overall colour scheme of your display booth
• If possible, install your temporary floor to highlight your space even further.
• Also, consider adding custom light stands that project spotlights toward specific areas of your booth.

BannerBug has a range of contemporary, sleek and appealing banner stands and pull-up banners that can enhance your display booth at any small business trade show.

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