7 Ways to Use Portable Banners

There are many effective methods for promoting your business, but one of the best and most versatile marketing assets you can use is a portable banner. With a vibrant, well-designed banner, you can showcase your company’s value proposition in a highly engaging way.

More often than not, portable banners are associated with trade shows. While this is a classic use for banners, they can also be used in several other scenarios, such as at customer events and during speaking engagements.

In this post, we’re sharing seven of the best ways to use portable banners in your marketing efforts. Read along and take your banner marketing to the next level!


1. At trade shows

As mentioned above, portable banners are frequently used at trade shows, conferences, and industry exhibitions. They are easy to transport to and from events around the world and can be set up within seconds, making them the perfect travel buddy for your next big show.


2. In your office

Don’t let your portable banner collect dust just because you’re not running events. Pop one up in your office, showroom or store to add your branding to the space and familiarise any guests with your company and what you do.


3. At customer dinners or happy hours

If you host events for customers or prospects, a portable banner is a great way to welcome your guests. Especially if being held at a restaurant or event space that’s not familiar to many guests, your banner can help guide them to where they need to be.


4. In your marketing and HR videos

Videos are a highly engaging content format. Many companies create short marketing videos about their products/services or recruiting videos to illustrate their company culture. In either of these scenarios, banners are an easy way to add branding in the background.


5. At career fairs

Speaking of recruiting, make sure you’re getting brand exposure at any career fairs or university hiring sessions that your team attends. Your banner will help you stand out among all of the other booths at the event.


6. During speaking engagements

Take advantage of your internal thought leaders. If your employees book speaking gigs on behalf of your company, pop up a banner on the side of the stage as they talk. The audience will connect their smart ideas with your business. If any images or videos are captured and shared on social media, you’ll earn extra eyes on your branding as well.


7. At company celebrations

Lastly, branded banners can serve as subtle reminders to your employees about the sense of community and culture that your company creates for them. Be sure to have a banner at holiday parties, milestone celebrations or company retreats to remind everyone why they’re there and what they work hard to achieve.

No matter where you display your banner, it will undoubtedly draw attention to your brand. As a general rule of thumb, your banner would make for a great addition at any marketing or recruiting-related event!

However, make sure you’re ordering your banner and stand from a reputable company. Always check out their website, product reviews and testimonials from other customers before making a purchase. At trade shows and other events, high-quality marketing materials will always have a larger impact.

If you’re looking for a durable, well-made portable banner, check out the selection from BannerBug®. Our world-renowned flagship BannerBug® product is stylish, sleek and easy to transport. It’s easily customised to show off your brand and separate you from your competitors at any event. At BannerBug®, we take an individual approach to each customer and work closely with them to design products that ensure their success.


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