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An Exhibitions is an effective opportunity to highlight and promote your goods, services and brand, attracting both investors and consumers. To stand out from the crowd and make the most from the large pool of potential clients, you must be equipped with all the right tools of marketing. The display system you would use will depend on the size, location and your intention of the event. Large scale outdoor expos require different branding and marketing tools from small indoor expos. Regardless of the variables, marketing and branding applications make your presence in an exhibition worthwhile. When it comes to an exhibition or event, it is all about the first impression you have on a passer-by.
Below are 3 display applications that can turn your ordinary expo booth to extraordinary.

1 Media walls

If you want to grab attention in an expo, a media wall is your best bet. Media walls are large displays that are perfect for events, trade shows, retail advertising, activations, and exhibitions. The size of media walls varies, and the size of the event is the main determinant. For large outdoor expos, the advertising space is often significant. A small display may get swallowed in the multitude of stands and banners. Large media walls are the best alternative to reel in potential clients. A large wall with a captivating design is enough to get the right attention.
To stand out as a business, it is crucial to personalise your media wall. Unique media walls not only call for attention but also sell a brand. An attractive artwork coupled with a uniquely styled media wall is effective in getting the attention you need. Media walls are designed in various style ranging from a curved and wavy set up to a straight style. Regardless of the design, setting up a media wall easy, simply following the instructions and you can have the entire set-up in no time at all.

2 Banners

It’s almost impossible to walk through an expo and not come across a banner. A banner is the simplest and most popular advertising display. Its application ranges from indoor to outdoor use. They are light-weight and portable. A roll-up banner is one of the simplest and easy to set up. No tools required, all you need to do is pull up the display and secure it on the frame. In just a few seconds you can have an advertising display banner up.
Banners come in different sizes and styles. The simple economy roll-up banner features a simple sizeable display while the premium banners have changeable graphic cassettes. Premium banners use high-grade polyester film and a solid aluminium base for stability. Other than the convenience, another attractive characteristic of banners is the price. Pull up Banners are affordable advertising solutions with designs that can fit into any budget.
Aside from roll-up banners, there are other types of banners. Fabric banner stands give highly detailed displays ideal for marketing products. Hanging banners, on the other hand, use a unique support system. Instead of getting support from a stable base, the banner is hung. Stage backdrop banners are very prominent, they are used in product launches, activations and outdoor expos. The banner provides a beautiful set-up for both marketing and branding purposes.

3 Flags

Flags often represent or identify particular things. In marketing, they are useful tools to sell brands and products. The application of flags in an expo heavily depends on the location and the intention. Large flags are suitable for outdoor expos where the wind can get under the flag and raise the display. There are different types of flags. Teardrop, feathered flags and custom pole flags are great additions to outdoor expos. They bring attention to stands and make businesses conspicuous. Shopfront flags also serve the same purpose but are often installed at business premises. Hand flags and car flags are best for branding.

When your flag is on a car, you can be sure it will be seen around town. Bunting flags have a long history dating back to medieval fairs and ceremonies. Years down the line, they are still valuable marketing and branding tools. Bunting flags add excitement to a boring expo stand. They are colourful and draw attention easily. Unlike teardrop flags and feathered flags, buntings have both indoor and outdoor application. Due to their size, buntings only go well with large texts.

The Accessories.

It’s essential to carry all the necessary accessories that go with your marketing tools. For portable banner the carry bag makes transportation more comfortable and also helps in organising items while setting up or setting down. If necessary, you can carry a display lamp. The lamp is often clamped to the banner and increases visibility in poorly lit areas.
When you have all the marketing tools you need at an expo, you can make the most from your presence there. Sell both your products and brand with the right tools.


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