Tips for Surviving Long Expos

If you’re in the business of exhibitions, you are probably well aware of the long days that sometimes drag on into the evening and through the night. Meanwhile, you have to manage the exhibition and greet the public with a smile. The longs days can beat you down if you’re doing a circuit and this can have an effect of on your overall wellbeing.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your life easier to reduce the toll on your body, so you can survive the expo season. Staff management, equipment, and self-care are things to consider when planning your exhibition, so you don’t crash and burn in the end. This post is dedicated to providing you with tips so you can remain, happy, healthy and positive throughout your expo run.

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Make Life Easier

Set up and pack down are probably the most physically demanding jobs of the exhibition. If you can, try to avoid using heavy gear that is hard to transport. Pull-up banners are your best friend as they are optimal for a great display and they are easy to set up and pack down. Only take what you need and make sure you have a few spares just in case of a technical issue.

Adequate Staffing

Make sure you have enough staff so that each member can have scheduled breaks throughout the exhibition, so they can recharge their batteries and represent your business with a smile on their dial. It’s also a good idea to provide water to your staff so they can remain hydrated throughout the day. Supplying food is optional, but you will find it makes a big difference and lets your staff know that you care.

The more hands on deck the lighter the work is and having the right amount of staff will ease the load, making set up a lot faster so you can focus on the important stuff. The important stuff is putting your best foot forward for your brand and attracting new customers.

Energy levels

Try to avoid having too much caffeine or sugary drinks. These types of drinks have a tendency to cause dehydration. They may make you feel energised in the short term, although it’s short-lived and you will find yourself crashing and burning midway through the exhibition.

Regular rests

Being in front of the public eye can be physically and mentally demanding, so allow yourself and your staff a fifteen-minute break every three hours to regenerate and come back out to the floor, ready to engage with people. This will prevent everyone from getting frustrated and overwhelmed. It’s not an image you want to send out with your brand or product. The old saying about the happy staff, happy customers reigns true in the expo biz. Oh yes, sleep is very important to make sure you are adequately rested before the event. I can’t stress that enough. I know it’s hard when you’re pulling fifteen-hour days but do your best to get some rest!

Heed this advice at your next expo and you should come out on top and feeling chipper, ready for your next event. At Banner Bug, we know the exhibition display business and we know the toll It can take on your body. If you ever need some help in the display department or simply some good advice pop, onto our website or contact us directly and we will happily point you in the right direction.



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