Start Planning Your 2019 Corporate Event With These Tips

It’s the beginning of the new year and while you want to start planning for your next corporate event, maybe you’re not sure how to go about it. While you are used to planning trade shows and meetings, the thought of organising a corporate event is daunting – but – it doesn’t have to be!
In just a few simple steps you can be on your way to organising an event that’s not only successful, but highly enjoyable too.

  • Why this event? Getting an edge is about novelty, most of your audience has been to events like this before, they want to see something different. What is the reason for the event and how can you communicate that to your audience in an exciting way?
  • Why are you running this event? Keep asking yourself until you come up with a clear mission statement. This will be the presentation to your audience – what is in it for them? Corporate events are designed to entertain executives and managers, to motivate staff or to change customer perceptions. It might be all of these things it may be one thing, but what you organise has to be engaging. By defining your purpose you’ll have a clear vision of how you want the event to run, now you have to communicate that to your audience.
  • What are your goals? Do you want to sign more people up? Increase sales? Make money? Or get more media coverage? Whatever your goals are, make them specific.
  • Have a budget, work out how much you can spend on the venue, catering, guest speakers, decorations, advertising, pull up banners and anything else you may need.
  • Organise the venue, speakers, catering and exhibitors! This can be scary, but it can also be lots of fun. It just involves getting lists in order and creating a timeline of tasks. Start from the date of the event and work backwards.
  • Will you have exhibitors or a guest speaker? Getting a top-name speaker will not only draw the crowds it can mean even more publicity.
  • Refreshments and catering. Buffet or a sit-down meal?
  • What is your marketing strategy? Marketing should start at least 6 months before the event and is pretty straight forward. Be sure to include all the elements of your campaign, from the website to emails, social media and pull up banners.
  • Collect your content and data. When the day arrives, it’s important that you collect content and data that can be used for future events. Hire a photographer who can capture snaps on the day that can be used for your newsletter, in-house training or for social media. If your event is open to the public, why not consider an event-based hashtag? Post interesting happenings online and do a feature write up after the event for a blog or trade journal.

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