Refresh your banner collection this winter

The main advantage of portable banners is you can stretch their usage across different venues. The same banner – if you designed it well – can spread from trade fair to festival. It all depends on the message you selected. As you prepare for any event, design a set of banners that are specifically for that occasion, but print some that can be repurposed.

In fact, even with event-specific ads, word them in a way that can be recycled. Instead of saying ‘Our brand welcomes you to Sydney Music Festival July 2018’, say something like, ‘Our brand dances to your tune’ or ‘Talk to us today and put the dance back in your step’. These are both musical messages that fit the context of a band-based gig, but they’re broad enough to cross-cut into regular everyday brand displays.

Another benefit you can draw from Banner Bug is that our banners are fully re-usable. Our stands are solid, stable, and interchange-able. You can recycle your banner stands by removing the printed fabric and replacing it with something else. This can be necessitated by multiple scenarios. The ad may be old and the fabric may be worn out. Other times, even though the vinyl is fine, the message has ‘expired’.

As good as a rest

Of course it may just be time for a change. You may want some new attention on a flagging brand, or you want to update your collateral for a new year or season. You don’t have to start the entire process from scratch. You can make some basic tweaks on existing templates to give itsome ‘new season’ sparkle. When you work with us, it’s easily done because we give you sizing templates, but we also have your base artwork.

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Here at Banner Bug, we generally request that you submit print files in PDF format. We don’t want to alter or interfere with your design and concepts. Still, your design team should have the raw files, so adjusting them is an easy fix. Start with basic adjustments. Trade in the colour palette so you end up with the same wording and imagery in a variant tinge.

It’ll make customers look twice, trying to figure out exactly what’s different about it, and those additional moments of attention sear your products deeper into their memory, enhancing brand recall. If you’d like a difference that’s a little more distinct, change the model. If it’s a kitten, change it to a puppy. Replace a female model with a male one, or use a different female model, one that’s physically diverse.

Wardrobes that don’t malfunction

You could even ‘dress’ them in more weather-appropriate clothes. This doesn’t have to be costly. If you don’t want to commission a fresh photoshoot, and if your designer is well-versed with Photoshop, you can lift new images from a commercial photo library, delete the layers with prior models, and plug in the new ones before polishing the new ads to make them look as realistic and seamless as the earlier ones.

Photo libraries frequently contain the same model in a variety of poses and outfits, so find alternatives to modify your visuals. Another approach is to focus on the words. Work with your copywriter to plug in a new headline and alter the message slightly so it applies to this season. Swap ‘Chill out and relax’ to ‘Heat thing up this season’, just as an example.

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