It’s time to select your summer events

There’s an advantage to living in the southern hemisphere. While the rest of the first world is recovering from back-to-school blues and waiting for winter, we’re gearing up for a summer filled with beach time, sunshine, and fun festivals. And as a brand, it’s time to start positioning yourself. Having a booth at a festival costs money, and that doesn’t count the preparation expenses. You have to rent the booth, organise transport, and refresh your portable banners. If the event is out of town, your team needs food and board.

The point of these festival and trade shows – at least from your business perspective – is to generate leads and push sales. Any money you spend on these external undertakings has to be justified by potential profit. You can boost your chances by picking the right spot to represent. Choose an event or show that’s linked to your brand, so that attendees are pre-disposed to buy from you, or at the very least, inclined to engage with your staff.

Sporting events

Around the world, we’re known for champion swimmers, Aussie rules, (plus koalas and kangaroos), so a sports festival is a good promotional opportunity. You could support a team, becoming their official sponsor, branding their kit, and manufacturing related merchandise. Right now, the Invictus Games are on. They were initiated by Prince Harry in 2014 (he’s the Duke of Sussex now, and soon to be a dad). It’s an event for military personnel injured in the line of duty, and this Spring, Sydney is hosting.

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It’s too late to cash into that sporting action, but you can start preparing for summertime water sports. The Sydney Hobart race sails from 26th to 31st December, so if your brand has anything to do with transport or boating, be there. The event is free, so you’ll have access to a wide variety of customer demographics, from wealthy yacht club members to regular ‘sand lubbers’. You could set up at popular picnic sites or enter the contest yourself. Alternatively, hop over to Melbourne for Boxing Day Cricket, one of our most iconic sporting events.

Food festivals

If you do decide to join the yacht race, you’ll get to Hobart just in time for Taste of Tasmania, a food and wine event that runs from December 28th 2018 to January 3rd 2019. As boats from the race sail in, attendees can hang out at the shop and the restaurant stands lining the docks. As a brand, you should try to book a booth there. You can also seek a slot at Salamanca Market. It opens every Saturday from 8.30am to 3.00pm. Locals will be restocking, and tourists will be soaking in resident flavours, so your brand can mingle with both sets of customers.

In the evenings, twilight cinemas are aired at Parliament Gardens, with extended Tasmanian sunsets in the background. Guests generally buy food from festival vendors and watch open-air screenings while seated on beanbags. You could provide branded mats, picnic blankets, parasols, or even crockery and cutlery. Plus, you could find out whether you can buy ads that will air during film intermissions.

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