How many portable banners will you need for an outdoor expo?

Questions like these seem simple, and we’d love to have a direct answer like two, or five. The truth is – it depends on a lot of things. Portable banners come in different styles and sizes, based on available space and function. The main types of banners are flags, pull-ups, desktops, and backdrops. Your background banner is most likely to be a media wall. It sets the tone for your booth, announcing you in bright colours and loud letters, so you definitely need one. Your set-up could be a pop-up instead of an open booth, in which case you need one comprehensive expo kit that curves around you.

For an outdoor expo, the ground is likely to be grass or earth, so we recommend the DS-X Frame. It’s the most pocket-friendly banner stand in our Banner Bug showroom. It’s also the easiest to assemble. It has an x-shaped frame that digs into the ground and supports your banners from the back (so it can only be one-sided). Each tip of the X hooks into a hole in your banner, so it doesn’t fray or run. It can simply be slid into place.

Built for the outdoors

DS-X comes in three sizes, so depending on the dimensions of your booth, you can pick a size that fits and install a pair of them. You might even opt for four pieces, one at each corner of your booth. It can be a harbinger for prospects in all directions. Because this is an outdoor event, you probably don’t have a roof, so pull-up banners are irrelevant – there’s nothing to suspend them from. Also, unless the event will extend after dark, you don’t need backlit banners. Make do with a comprehensive pop-up, or a media wall and boundary DS-X.

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Your outdoor location makes it inconvenient to use ‘flat-footed’ banner stands that are likely to tip over. You need banners with spiked feet that can dig into the ground. You will – however – have some kind of service desks or platforms you can use to attend to clients. It would be helpful if these tables were well organised with name tags, product listings, and brochures. Deskbugs are a handy tool for these functions. It’s a retractable banner that sits snug on your table-top. You need at least one per table, more if the tables are large.

Weatherproof fabric

Banner Bug stands have removable fabric advertorials that can easily be replaced once you purchase the stand. Many of our models have lighting options, so you can highlight them for night-time events, or if your expo is under a dark tent or canopy. The fabric is anti-glare, ideal for legibility on bright, sunny afternoons. Ideally, for whichever banner you select, you should have two or three as a back-up.

Having multiple pieces in multiple styles offers contingency options. It provides flexibility in booth design, so you can alter your layout if you need to. Our banners come with wheeled nylon carry cases. They ease transportation and protect the banners from damage between shows. You can order a hard case if you’d like one, especially for more massive, pricier banners.

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