How Retractable Banners Work

Retractable banners are crucial artillery in your display exhibition arsenal – or, on a lighter note, they can be like flowers in a garden. Regardless of the way you look at it, they are an integral piece of equipment in your event and exhibition kit. They are versatile, portable, storable and can be used indoor and outdoor.

How do they work? From a successful display design standpoint, they work well. Very well, and can be used in a range of different applications if you have a touch of creativity and some gusto for your work. Even still. Gusto and creativity are not mandatory to make good use of these little gems that are a must have display item.

How Do They Work?

Retractable banners retract using a spring-loaded system; similar to a pull-down blind mechanism, except you pull up and instead of down. They have a solid base so they are able to stand alone in pretty much all conditions. It’s so simple.

There are basically three parts. The base, the actual sign, and the support. You simply take it off the carry bag, pull up, insert the support rod, pull the sign up and clip it on. The whole process is lightning fast and 7/11 convenient.

They seriously can be carried and installed by a 10-year-old. So if you have kids, put them to work to cut down on labour costs, ha! The retraction features are optimal for storage and transportation and the carry bag makes it all the more user-friendly.

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The Design Aspect

From the display perspective, these are a hot ticket on the floor. They can be used throughout your exhibition in a number of ways and highlight the key reason they exist. To promote your brand.

Pull up banners and retractable banners are must have’s in the kit. Using multiple retractable banners of different shapes and even printing, depending on the design you have in mind, are a great tool for giving your display depth and dimension. They are usually used in conjunction with media wall and often used to frame the entire exhibition.

Having the option of multiple sizes gives you the option to get creative and create the most engaging display in the building. A good idea is to use them as support or draw attention to a media wall if you are using them indoors in an exhibition. Start with smaller banners at the front and work your way back in size to draw people to your booth and create depth and space. There’s is nothing more boring than a flat, unengaging exhibit.

Luckily if you get a decent set of these puppies in the kit in various sizes you are pretty much covered on all bases and can make a decent display at any event. Their versatility makes retractable banners a great creative display tool with unlimited potential. So use your imagination and make your display stand out with some Banner Bug pull-up banners or some retractable banners.

Retractable banners work with a simplicity and portability in mind and are a go-to item in the exhibition display industry.


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