We understand that the print quality of our banners reflects the quality of your business

For many prospective customers and business partners, your advertising displays are their first point of contact. They might glance at your flag banners next to an event you’re sponsoring, or see one of your billboards on the highway. They might even see a brochure lying around somewhere, or pick up one of your business cards.

If someone isn’t actively seeking to interact with your brand, you have to grab their attention. You need to catch their eye with bold graphics, bright colours, and intelligent design. You could hire a professional consultant to advise you on capturing your audience through the layout. They can help you make the right choices for your visuals and pick effective fonts.

It also helps to select the right kind of portable banner for your advertising scenario. Service counters can be backed with wall-to-wall displays, but they need little desktop units that can guide customers on where they need to go. However, none of this matters without the right print quality. You need printing presses that produce sharp, bright, permanent images.

The primary factor is ink. Retractable banners are often used outdoors, so you need them to be waterproof and resistant to the elements. Our banner fabrics are built to withstand sun, rain, wind, and natural damage, but it goes beyond the banner’s constituent material. The ink itself should bond well enough to prevent peeling, flaking, scratching, or fading.

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Another factor is crispness that traverses size. Our Banner Bug products range from tiny Desk Bugs to 3-metre media walls, and your design should reflect equally well in both micro and macro displays. Poor print quality might smudge details in small sizes or pixelate in larger formats. Here at Banner Bug, we are fully equipped to avoid both.

Our banner process doesn’t just involve sturdy re-usable stands. We cover every aspect, from developing print-ready designs to providing storage solutions. Many of our banners come with lightweight, portable, waterproof covers that will extend the life of your banners. The covers protect your banners from dust, dirt, water damage, and manual spoilage.

Regarding printing, we offer crisp, full-colour printing options in both small and large formats. Our colour range will exactly match the Pantone of your brand, and if you prefer greyscale or black-and-white design, we have that as well.

Our Banner Bug experts have been in this business for a long while, so we are well in tune with customer perceptions and behaviour. When a business prospect sees a poorly done banner, they won’t blame the banner company. Any typos, inappropriate content, or blurry visuals will be seen as a brand flaw rather than an error in execution.

When it comes to advertising banners, your reputation depends on the level of our work, and we guarantee cost-effective banners that paint you in the best possible light. Speaking of light, some of our banner stands have back-lit options to make your ads more visible in darkened exhibition halls or nighttime displays. Whatever you need, we have it in stock.

For a wide variety of banners with premium print quality, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.


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