Choosing the right exhibitions to attend

Choosing the right expo for your business to attend can really help put your business out there. The first step to having a successful exhibit is to attend the expo or event that has the most potential. Unfortunately, there isn’t a *one size fits all* list that works for everyone. You and your business are different to every other business attending and different factors will influence how well you do at one show and not at another.

● You need to know your demographic – you should already know who your target audience is, but if you don’t, you need to get that organised before attending a convention or tradeshow. Will this demographic attend the show? For example, if your service area is restricted to a certain demographic but the show isn’t being held near your target audience then it’s probably a good idea to skip that show and wait for something closer. In general, it’s the local people who will attend a trade show or event, you need to know if these local people are in your target audience, if not you are better off giving that trade show a miss.

● Have your budget – when in business a budget controls most of what you can do in terms of marketing and promotion, so know how much you can spend on roll up banners and other signage. Make sure you know what you can spend on attending the event and what you’ll need to do to make a profit. Some events charge more than others and even charge you for cleaning and electricity.

● You will also need to remember that having a big booth and impressive roll up banners won’t lead to big sales. While you may look bigger and better than your competition you’ll end up spending far more money than you may make back and you may find that those you are wanting to lure in really aren’t that impressed. All you really need – especially if you are just starting out – is enough room for you to set up your displays, furniture, samples of your product or information on your service and have enough room to walk around comfortably (without tripping over boxes and stock) then the people that matter most will be happy.

● Being able to save a few dollars on your budget here – by having a smaller booth means you will be able to increase spending on other items for the event. Always go for quality roll up banners rather than quantity. Make sure your booth is clean, neat and tidy, clutter free, well organised and has attention to detail that potential clients/customers will appreciate. Have plenty of samples on display that people can pick up and try. You may end up finding that that trade show you thought you couldn’t attend is within your reach if you opt for a smaller exhibition space.


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