Choosing the right colours for your banner

Did you know that colours actually increase a brand’s awareness, so if you chose the right colours for your pull up banners it can have a big impact on your campaign’s success. If you take this fact into consideration when you are deciding on your pull up banners colour scheme you can let your colours as they say *speak for themselves*.

When designing a banner, you first need to know what the colours mean, for example in some countries white stands for cleanliness and purity. Purple in Australia is associated with royalty while in the Netherlands it’s orange that is associated with royalty. If you can when choosing the colours for your banner, make sure you know the cultural origin of your target audience. You want to be sure your colours are conveying the right message.

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The way the human eye processes colour will also have another major impact on how your audience will respond to your pull up banner. Black and white colour schemes will capture someone’s eye for two-thirds of a second, while bright colours can capture your audience’s attention for as long as two seconds. If you use a black and white theme, then make sure you use one bright colour to provide a focal point.

In general yellow is the colour eyes see first, but if overused it is a fatiguing colour that can cause people to look away. Use yellow to highlight your text and avoid using it as a background colour. Muted shades and earth tones tend to hold the eye for longer than lots of bright colours and earth tones are perfectly suited as a background colour.

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Colours can also provoke strong reactions and feelings. For example, don’t use red if promoting a medical product as it can trigger the perception of danger. Colours that emphasise safety are blue and green so they are much better choices for your message. Think about the use of background colours and choose those that harmonise well with the colour of your brand.

Try and select a colour scheme that highlights your logo while matching your products or services, colours that are uniform work really well – use colours that are beside one another on a colour wheel for a soothing appearance or opposite each other for a more assertive statement.

Monochromatic colour schemes generally work well as they use shades of the same colour, or pastel shades in different colours work well too as they also share a unifying characteristic.

There is a lot more to choosing the right colours for your pull up banner than you think, but if chosen correctly it can make the difference between a successful advertising campaign, or a mediocre marketing campaign.


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