The best banner kit for your Winter events

Just because it’s raining outside doesn’t mean your corporate event should be ruined. If anything, lousy weather may ensure you have a captive audience, because once they reach your venue, they can’t leave. As you plan your event, be sure there’s plenty of shelter in case it starts to rain. Your potential prospects will be far more likely to respond to your brand messaging if they’re warm and dry.

In the meantime, you want to use a banner kit that can withstand the weather. You want a comprehensive set of banners to create the full event booth experience. Start with a media wall. It can be as big as 3m and makes a great backdrop for your exhibition stand. They can take full colour printed graphics and are interchange-able when you want to change your messaging without addition expenditure.

A media wall is a fully retractable banner than can be set up in seconds, and when you’re done, you can roll them up and stash them in their wheeled nylon carrier bag. You can accompany your media wall with desk bugs, smaller desktop retractables that can be positioned on service desks. All our banners can be stored in nylon cases or hard cases, which are optional at an added fee.

Banners for every situation

On a cloudy day, or in a dimmer corner of your exhibition centre, you can try our PiX banners. They’re pull-up banners that can be lit up from the inside using specialised fixtures designed for that purpose. They work especially well at night, and can be used to draw attention to a particular aspect of your product offerings. They’re light at just 3.5kg and have a fully serviceable 2-year warranty.

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It’s not necessary for your whole banner kit to retract. Some units are fit for standing banners, and the Banner Buddy fills that position nicely. It’s still portable, because you can fold it up and store it in a nylon case. It’s only printed on one side, but it allows you to advertise when you have limited room. CS800 is a standing banner as well.

Our range of Banner Bug displays can be mixed and matched depending on the type of display you’d like to set up. Their key advantage is that their printing is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rain. We have different kinds of printing ink, including water-based colours, EcoSolvent, and sublimated dye that can withstand rain damage.

Long-lasting vinyl warranties

These designs don’t chip off or scrape, even in intense heat. The vinyl doesn’t tear easily, and its ink has UV protection to prevent sun damage, as well as anti-reflective properties so the banners can easily be read, even in bright sunlight and strong indoor lighting.

The carry cases of the banners keep them from physical damage in transit, extending their lifespan, and many come with warranties. We have designed our banners to save you money, because once you buy the frame, you can replace the printed media without having to buy a new frame. You can keep replacing the vinyl indefinitely, so it’s a solid investment.

To order a banner kit for your corporate event this winter, call Banner Bug today on +61 02 9663 5333.


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