Spring inspirations for your banner design

Winter has come and gone, and while spring is a little different for us Aussies than it is in the rest of the world, it’s still nice to get some brighter weather. In the northern hemisphere, spring brings birds, bees, and flowers out of hibernation. Snow thaws and green shoots pop out of the white. Barren tree trunks tease the sun with tiny green buds.

Down here, winter is wet and wild, so everything stays green. But with all the clouds and mud and suds, people mostly stay indoors. Now our tropical heat is back in effect so we can get outside and show some skin again. Your advertising banners should do the same.

As the nation rises from winter hiding, your company should too. All the collateral you had stowed away to prevent water damage needs to be brought back out. Instead of reusing the same old pull-up banners, design a new set to go with the season.

Banners are intended to advertise your products and services, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. It’s not always about facts and figures. In fact, text-based banners don’t hold customer attention at all, unless the text is inherently entertaining.

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If you must use text, keep it minimal and use it in conjunction with images. You don’t need your vision and mission on a banner. Go with a clever tagline instead, maybe a pun on your product names, or a relevant joke related to your services or surroundings.

People respond better to visuals that have human faces in them, so think about a spring-themed photo shoot with lots of friendly smiles. Make the models relevant. Have them using your services or enjoying your products, so that there’s a direct link. If you have the budgets for it, you can hire a local celebrity to endorse your company and pose for your banners.

The setting of the photography should be relevant as well. After spending three months indoors, everyone is itching to get out in the open. Let your banners reflect that. No cubicles or boardrooms. Film the bright, colourful outdoors with its fresh air and spring flowers.

If you want to get some good banner content without spending on models, then organise a team-building session for your staff. Get a professional photographer to tag along, and ask them to focus on candid shots. They make great ads.

Banner Bug offers all kinds of banners, and most of them are reusable. You don’t necessarily need new stands. You can simply print out new vinyl or fabrics then attach them to your pre-existing stands. Switching the media is easy, and we’ll gladly do it for you.

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