Refreshing Logo Ideas for 2017

With a new year, often can come with it a new start, whether it’s in your personal life or your business. In 2017, it’s time to start thinking about taking your business into the future, so just how exactly does that look? Now may be the time to overhaul your image, and in particular, your logo.
A logo should express a brand, as well as be enticing for customers and also keep up with the times. If you have a stale logo from 20 odd years ago, then now might just be a good time for a refresh. So, how do you stay current, and yet true to brand?

Get the team together
There’s something to be said for teamwork! If your logo is in need of a refresh, the first place that you can start looking for ideas is from within your own company. After all, these are the people that know your brand the best. Some brainstorming about potential ideas for logos (or even just the start of an idea) may get someone creative on the team coming up with something brilliant. It doesn’t have to be long, either, an hour or so brainstorming should do the trick.

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Who is your audience engaged with?
If you already know your target market, then you can do some undercover research. Seek out the type of people on social media that engage with your brand and then see what companies they’re engaging with. You can browse through company logos to get a feel for what’s current, and use it as a benchmark for your very own new design.

Refreshing Logo Ideas for 2017

What about colour?
If your company already has a set of colours that they follow, then its best to stick with the same colours to avoid having to change all your corporate branding. If the colour set is truly outdated, then you might like to think about overhauling the whole lot. Have a look around at brand colouring that is very “up to date” to see what everyone else is getting up to in the colour sphere.

To name or not to name
Another key decision to make is whether your company’s name (or perhaps even just initials) will be incorporated into your logo. In our experience, it is generally a good idea to put your name front and centre of your logo, because it means that customers can’t get confused in any way.

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