How To Promote Your New Business With Portable Banners

Have you just launched a new business? It’s an exciting time full of opportunity and also stress too! Will it go according to plan? Have I done my market research right? Am I going to be a success? Or will it crash and burn (hopefully not!)?

Launching a new business will require a flurry of marketing efforts to try and spread your name further and entice new customers to come and try you out. While you’ve got online avenues such as starting up social media accounts and launching a business website, you’ve also got your on the ground efforts too.

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If your new business has a physical presence, then portable banners can be a great way to catch the eye of passers by and transfer information about your new business all in the one glance.

If you have… A new storefront

If you’ve just launched a new storefront, then portable banners are an absolute must in at least the month or so following your launch. People who walk or drive past your location often can view the signage easily and realise that there’s been a change in the area. Popular choices include wording like “Now Open!” and bright, bold colours.

If you have… A new market stall business

If you’re serious about your new market stall really taking off, you will want to get a portable banner or two made up to show customers that you are a professional business. Include your business logo (or it’s time to create one if you haven’t already!) and the products that you sell on your portable banner. You can then take it around to any markets you attend.

If you have… A new restaurant

Enticing customers in to your new restaurant shouldn’t be left to your new service staff alone! While it’s important to have your spruiker out the front, try adding portable banners with your new opening specials on them. Make sure that you have professional food photography done so that your dishes look extra appetising!

If you have… A new food truck business

Food trucks are all the rage at the moment, and that’s why you want to make sure that you attract more customers, even when setting up at a food truck night! A great way for milling customers to be able to choose exactly what they want before stepping up to the window is by having portable banners advertising your menu. It’s also easy to swap out the banner as your menu changes, making them a great ongoing marketing accessory.

Our portable banners at BannerBug are the perfect on the ground marketing accessory for your new business. Now that you know what to do, it’s time to design it up and roll it out!


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