How To Attract Customers To Your New Store

If you’ve just opened a store front, you have no doubt already gone through your fair share of headaches. Getting the place furnished, decorated and ready to open is half the battle, what’s next is actually getting customers into your store.

Whether you’re opening a café in a busy Sydney precinct or a pet shop in a quieter neighbourhood – many of the ways to attract customers through your doors remain the same.

First let’s look at the café example. Traditionally you would attract foot traffic with some kind of sandwich board displaying that you had just opened, maybe even with some specials of the day in chalk writing. Or potentially even some balloons and someone handing out flyers.

Nowadays those clunky A-frame sandwich boards are just a nuisance, both to passing traffic as well as store owners having to carry them in and out each day. The better solution is to look in to a retractable banner. They come in a whole range of sizes, and are not only incredibly portable and lightweight, but they also have high quality printed graphics on them. This is sure to attract more attention of passers by than the outdated chalkboard method.

Portable banners are incredibly versatile, meaning that you can trial them in a whole heap of different locations around your store quite easily to see where works best. You can even have them double-sided with a different advertisement on each side to, again, see which works best. Best of all, since they’re retractable you can quite easily pack them up at the end of the night and even fit them in your car boot if required.

Good quality banners are really a no-brainer. The only thing left to decide is what to display on it. You will want something with the maximum impact in attracting customers to come and check out your new shop.

Big banners will also be complimentary to other advertising methods such as handing out flyers. When you’re handing out flyers and trying to explain where your new business is, rather than pointing and hoping for the best – it is generally easier to point them in the way of your bright and colourful new banner that is on display.

That’s all well and good if you’re attracting foot traffic, but what about car traffic? Should you just lash out on one of those giant whacky wavy inflatable tubes? We’d recommend still looking into banners, but just going larger to attract car traffic.


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