Re-branding? Don’t forget to update your display banners!

The human mind works in an interesting way. When you want a new lease on life, you change your hair colour or your wardrobe, making you feel like a different person. If you’re jaded by your surroundings and you can’t migrate or get out of your lease, you hire an interior decorator or buy some paint and change your home or office theme.

This tactic works for businesses too. Re-branding can completely shift the way your customers look at you. It could jump-start the waning interest of your long-time clients, or attract a fresh demographic. The direction of your re-brand will dictate audience response, so do your research. Brighter colours and quirky fonts will pull in the younger crowd, while solid motifs and darker tones will appeal to an older, more conservative audience.

Start with a plan

Before you dive into artistic direction, come up with a strategy. The ‘why’ should hem the ‘how’ not the other way around. Are you marking a milestone, like a 10-year anniversary or a jubilee celebration? Are you reacting to new brands in the market that are nipping at your heels and shaking up the competition? Are you venturing into new territories, launching in a new geographical region? Are you hoping to expand beyond your traditional clientele?

Maybe your sales numbers are fine, but you want to extend your market share, or maybe your brand is feeling taken for granted. Your re-branding mission will guide your re-branding vision because your targets will tell you what areas you need to alter or enhance, and what specific steps you need to take in terms or tweaking your current brand visuals or going a full 180° and flipping your brand positioning.

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Name and logo

The first step in any re-branding exercise is changing your logo. You could develop a new brand palette, broaden your existing one, or even narrow your colour choices into something bolder and more direct. Work with your design team for font options. Your logo derives from your name and mascot, and it’s not always a good idea to change those. You might alienate happy customers and lose traction.

You could, therefore, opt for a shorter version, maybe in the form of an acronym, nickname, or alternate spelling. On the other hand, if your current name has baggage, you could pick something completely unrelated as a way to divorce past associations. If a merger drives your re-brand, you could hyphenate or mingle brand identities into a new coupling.

Make a checklist

Once everyone is happy with the new name, icon, mascot, and attendant collateral, it can be rolled out onto stationery, merchandise, and of course, the office cars and buildings. You’re sure to erect some new billboards and outdoor ads to launch the new look. But it can be easy to forget the portable banners that are neatly packed in their carry-cases and stacked in storage rooms.

You don’t want to fly into a panic at your next trade show when you suddenly realise all your gear still has the old logo. When you work with Banner Bug, we can put together a re-branding package for you. We’ll print your new visuals on all the formats you’ve previously ordered with us, and we can recommend some new ones too. You won’t need to buy new retractable stands or frames for your advertising material. We’ll re-skin the hardware you already have, and can top up your event arsenal with re-branded pull-up banners.

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