19 Jul 2017

Why You Can’t Go Past Our Banners for Your Corporate Outdoor Events

Is your business planning on getting involved in an outdoor event soon? Maybe you’re just looking to refresh your ongoing advertising material for events that you attend on a yearly basis? Whatever the case may be, outdoor banners are the way to go for eye grabbing attention for everyone involved.

There’s something that is just a little bit more thrilling about outdoor events. If your team is regularly in the office, then outdoor events really give everyone involved a bit of a thrill. The elevated mood in the air is thick, and everyone is really excited to be out and about.

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There are many outdoor events that your business may be involved in. If it’s as a hands on sponsor for an event, then you’ll want to have quality outdoor advertising set up around the venue, even if you don’t necessarily have a staff team on the ground throughout the event. If you are setting up a stand as part of a trade or careers fair, then you’ll probably want to go all out with advertising. After all, in this instance you want your name, brand, mission, and what you stand for to remain in the minds of all that come past your stand.

You might even host your very own corporate event, for clients, shareholders, or as a charity function. If this is the case, then the fit out of the venue will take a lot of careful preparation and planning, stretching out months in advance of the event itself. It is important that you have on board a specialised event planner for this type of occasion to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the lead up and on the actual day of the event itself.

So, what’s the first type of advertising that you need to consider for all these outdoor corporate events (and many more!)? Our banners of course. We have a range of outdoor portable banners and banner stands that are built tough to hold up in the outdoors in all sorts of weather.

Why You Can't Go Past Our Banners for Your Corporate Outdoor Events

Our outdoor banners come in a range of different sizes and shapes so you can choose what you think is going to suit your business branding and the surrounds the best. We have high quality printing so that your branding will stand out and the banners won’t fade in the weather.

Have a browse through our outdoor range to see what we have available and how it would suit you. We also have a marquee setup available for customers seeking a stand for outdoor events that is decked out with advertising materials. Contact us for any enquiries that you have or to start ordering your new outdoor banners for your corporate events.

17 Jul 2017

Banners For Advertising – Black or white backgrounds

Whether you want to use a portable banner, pull-up banner or any other form of a banner for your advertising you must remember that your brand has its own *personality* and your banner has to convey a lot, but in a simple and precise way. Of course, that sounds a lot easier than it is. You have to be able to translate your brand and its personality into your advertising and this can be achieved using a standard black or white banner. Colour is great as a background and it does have its place – there are a time and place for everything, but the good old standard colours – black and white are still great ways to make an impact.

Your banner is there to inform, to get reactions, to make people stop, to make people want to find out more – you want to become their conversations.

Before starting you need to consider the other colours you are or will be using with your banner, your colours must work together and not fight. For example, dark blue on a black background will become lost, your target audience will have to struggle to read your message and you will be just wasting your time and money. When chosen correctly your black or white background will work with the colours of your message to bring you closer to your goals.

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When you look at black, in many ways it really isn’t a colour as it doesn’t have colours, but a lot of businesses and brands use black in their branding – a black background with a simple white logo is clean, clear, bold and concise.

Black backgrounds work well because the banner looks sophisticated and confident, with a touch of mystery and power. One of the most readable combinations is white on black, or yellow on black. When you use a black background, it makes your brand look and feel luxurious, and gives a feeling of elegance and high-quality goods or services. If your business revolves around technology, the car industry or sports, black backgrounds convey your message, product or service well.

Banners For Advertising Black or white backgrounds

White is a mix of all the colours of the spectrum, and you need to a find balance for it. White can’t stand on its own, but it does make for a great background if you find the right colours to work with it. White brings with it feelings of simplicity, sincerity and purity and is perfect when aiming your marketing at an existing audience. If you want to attract a new market or target audience use white and another bright colour. White is the perfect background colour for attracting the eye immediately. A plain white background, with your logo or a simple and clear message, draws customers to you and your product or services.

10 Jul 2017

How our experience helps you

When you want a pull-up banner or a portable banner to advertise your business, company or service, you want quality. You also want to place your order with a printer you can trust. Banner Bug are happy to provide you with what it is you need when it comes to durability, quality, and well-designed banners you need not look any further.

Why choose us?

  • No matter how big, or how small your printing needs are you can count on us to deliver the banner or banners that suit your needs. We work with you and with your budget to offer you the very best value for money banners you can buy. We are committed to our customers and to working with you.
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  • We only use the very best materials, we use the best premium and high-grade materials we can find, when it comes to our products we don’t cut corners. The products we use ensure you have a banner that lasts well, we want our customers to be satisfied, we want you to come back.
  • We are a fully Australian owned company that has been designing, manufacturing, selling and exporting our portable display systems since 1987. Our head office and manufacturing facility is in Sydney and today we are now an Australian leader in the portable exhibition and display signage industry. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve and develop our products for our customers.
  • We offer a wide range of products for you to choose from. We want you to succeed and with our banners you can create brand awareness and give your business more exposure from pull-up banners to retractable banners we have them all, if we don’t have what you want, let us know and we can create a custom banner just for you.
  • How Our Experience Helps You

  • Our customer service is second to none. We believe that when you provide great quality banners you should back that up with excellent customer service. It’s fine to provide customers with top quality banners, but if the buying experience is bad – awful customer service, it just ruins the experience. We want our customers to feel special and individual, not just another job number. We work with you from start to finish, we take pride in our work, and we are not happy unless we know you are happy.
  • Experience counts and with 30 years in the banner printing game, we know what we are doing, we know what works and what doesn’t, we know that quality matters and we work with you every step of the way so you get exactly what you pay for – what we know, our experience is something that money just can’t buy.

08 Jul 2017

Why Quality Banners are Important

Marketing is a major concern for anyone in business, from a small start-up to a major corporation. You need to get the most from your marketing campaign, but that is often easier said than done. Retractable banners are an important part of your business, these banners allow you to get your name out there in a range of different places. Your banner is often the first contact people have with your business, product or service and you need a quality banner – from the materials to the graphics to the printing, quality is important.

You need to gain your potential customers eye straight away; a retractable banner is a very effective approach when advertising. Banners are generally quite large, a retractable banner with a banner stand is so easy to use, they can be placed where you need them and they can be pulled up and pulled down by one person, no need for a team of people, ladders and rope. A quality banner will be well designed, it will be eye catching and get your message out there simply and concisely.

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Banners allow you to use your advertising at many different events and at different occasions. From outside your place of business to at a fair or fete your banner is there reaching people attending, or those just passing through. Being able to advertise wherever and whenever exposes your business, product or service to a wider audience.

The quality of the print on your banner needs to be top quality. The whole purpose of having a banner is to get your advertising message *out there* and to be seen. You need a printed banner to look good, to look top quality, to let your customers know that you put care and attention into making a banner, you are going to invest care and attention into your business and in turn into providing them with first class service.

Why Quality Banners are Important

When you choose to have your banners printed by a professional banner printing company you can be sure the quality of your final print will be amazing. The purpose of having a banner is to have it seen, and it needs to set certain standards. It needs to be printed on great quality materials that are resistant to sun, wind and rain, and can handle being rolled and unrolled countless times. The quality of the stand has to be top notch, your banner needs to be able to stand on its own, and not have to be propped up in front of a wall, or held up with string. The inks used must also stand up to the sun, show no signs of bleeding, and be easy to read. Any graphics you need must be reproduced correctly and over-all your banner’s information must flow. This is why you need a quality banner that will look great and last to be used time and time again.

29 May 2017

Why quality is crucial

When you are starting out, and trying to get your name out there it’s very tempting to save money by ordering some cheap banners. You’re happy, you feel like you are getting a bargain AND you’ll be able to get your name out there at last.

It’s important to shop around, you shop around for car insurance to get a better deal – why would shopping for banners be any different? Naturally, there are options out there, and when starting out it’s tempting to go for the lowest price. The results are still the same and you may even be able to buy another banner or two and still be under budget. You’ll be able to put that banner out to more locations now – win, win! Or so it may seem.

Of course, cheap banners don’t have to mean that the banners aren’t any good. With printing and production costs going down it’s possible to keep within your advertising budget and still get the banners you want.

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Cheap banners are now a reality thanks to advancements in technology, new fabrics and printing techniques are making a difference and it seems that every year advancements are being made, so what is commonplace today will be obsolete next year.

When it comes to the cost of cheap banners VS quality banners, you need to ask yourself what you are really paying for. With cheap banners, you should be looking at the fabric the printer is using – will it be able to withstand wind, rain and sunshine without falling apart in the first few weeks. Are the colours of the inks used going to fade after a week in the sunlight? Your cheap banner won’t end up being such a good bargain if it’s gone in weeks.

Why Quality Is Crucial


Quality banners are what you need to look for, they might work out more expensive than your cheap bargain found online, but you know a quality banner will last you. With a quality banner, you get inks that won’t fade, and a tough vinyl that is made to withstand the weather conditions. When you buy a banner, you buy it for the instant advertising. Whether you are placing your banner outside, on a building, or taking it to countless trade shows and events, if you are continually rolling or folding your banner and unrolling or unfolding it – you want it to stay looking new for as long as you can.

You are better off investing in a competitively priced QUALITY banner such as those Banner Bug is renowned for producing – you know you are getting value for money. You need to know that what you are buying is worth buying and that it will last for as long as you need it to.

25 May 2017

What to have in an outdoor display system

Outdoor events are exciting and thrilling activities to be part of – nothing can replicate the buzz and environment that allows brands to meet and mingle with their customers.

From country town events to major metropolitan festivals, companies can be whipped into a frenzy jockeying against each other for stall size, stall location and even outdoor display systems.

While not all companies can possibly afford the biggest space with the greatest foot traffic, there are ways that even the most cost-conscious brands can make a huge impact without breaking the bank.

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Firstly, do some research to help narrow down your shopping list:

1. Check on what your competitors do at outdoor events
There’s no sense in reinventing the wheel, which is why it’s always helpful to see how your competitors shape their offering. Having a point of difference is essential to gaining sales, but being too different from your segment can make it difficult for customers to understand or spot you.

2. Cross-check which competitors are coming to the event
Knowing who you’re up against can make it easier to pick and mix your display system. Choosing an item that helps your brand stand out from your competitors can draw more people to your stand and help you make more sales.

3. If possible, see how previous or similar events are run
If you’re starting from scratch, getting an understanding of how other businesses maximise their stands at other events can help point you in the right direction. Some businesses can do extremely well on the bare minimum, while others have to invest heavily on interactive displays to push customer enquiries

4. Consider the position of your stall
Stalls closer to main thoroughfares may have to invest in more product-centric marketing systems, while stalls further from the action may need eye-grabbing material that draws customers. Pick a system that helps overcome your locational challenges.

What to have in an outdoor display system

Once you have an idea on what you need, now’s the time to consider your options.

Branded Marquee
For rain and sun protection, a branded marquee is the way to go. Marquees can be branded in a number of eye-catching ways to promote your brand, website and more.

Sandwich Boards
Perfect for popping at the front of your stand and to promote new or temporary sales promotions, sandwich boards are still fantastic, sturdy options for outdoor events.

Available in feather and teardrop shapes, flags are decorative and effective marketing materials for outdoor events. Bringing colour and movement, flags can be found in a number of heights and fixed to other structures, like marquees, to draw customers to your stand.

Pull-up Banners
Great in non-windy areas, pull-up banners can be used to promote products and promotions, or locked together to create an effective backdrop for your stand.

If you would like more information on selecting the best marketing solutions for your outside display stand, please speak to our friendly team of experts at Banner Bug on 02 9663 5333 or visit http://www.bannerbug.com.au/

24 Apr 2017

The Banner Kit Essentials to Consider for Your Business

Thinking about putting together a banner kit to show off your business at various events? Good idea! Here we have outlined all the banner kit essentials that you will need for your very own little mobile setup that can really go anywhere. Check out these solutions for your business…

At least two retractable banners
One banner is never enough! With two portable banners, you can really frame any setup that you have. Angled towards each other slightly, with a speaker or representative in the middle between them can create a separate space where there actually is none.

A single banner can either look flat or if angled, unsymmetrical and making strange use of a space. Your two banners can either have the same content on them or if you have a lot to say, different info on each. Just make sure they’re both in the same styling as each other.

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A transportable case for your banners

An essential item for your banner kit is a case to carry your banners about in. A hard case is perfect because it can protect your banners from any damage, even if you are literally throwing the case about. You never know when someone is going to be extra clumsy, after all.

The case should also have wheels attached to it and handles so that it is super easy to transport. You don’t want to be lugging around this setup without wheels.

The Banner kit Essentials To Consider For Your Business

A flyer stand
A flyer stand is a good addition to your setup, and if lightweight and foldable, it’s easy to transport too. The flyer stand can display up to 8 different flyers for customers or interested parties to peruse.

It is important to give customers extra information that they can take away with them. If possible, try and match your flyer stand to the colour of your banners, or the colours of your banner surrounds, so that everything is all on the same theme. This keeps things professional.

Flyers with similar styling to your banners
And to accompany your flyer stand you will, of course, need the flyers to go in it! These flyers are best designed to keep in with a similar colour and brand scheme as your banners themselves, again, for that professional look.

Having a few different flyers for different aspects of your business will mean that you don’t have to fit everything all on the one page.

Banner Bug has a large range of retractable and non-retractable banners, media walls, and carry cases for banners. We love helping our customers to get their perfect banner kit setups so please ask away if you have any questions. We can be reached via our website or on +61 02 9663 5333.

20 Apr 2017

Avoid These Banner Design Errors

Banners can be a considerable business purchase. Here’s how to avoid a costly mistake when ordering your first retractable banner.

Low-resolution image
A low-resolution image, when blow up to fit on a banner, will not show the detail that you see on your screen. Rather, it will look pixelated, blocky, or blurry – not something that you want at all!

Make sure to check what resolution the retractable banner that you are choosing requires, and either go with that resolution, or even higher.

Mismatching colours
Mismatching colours are an interior decorator’s nightmare – and could be yours too when it comes to designing your banner. There are certain colours that really work well together, and certain ones that definitely do not.

For the best decision making when it comes to the colours for your banner, make sure to ask an expert.

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Too many pictures
Do not overcrowd your banner with pictures! While it may be tempting to display as much as you can all on the one banner, less is definitely more with this one. A few pictures on your banner should really be your upper limit unless you’re going for a big banner wall.

Using poor photos
Where are you getting your photos from? Are they stock images? Are they pictures you or your staff have taken? Make sure that with pictures that they are high quality, and for stock images, that they don’t look cheesy or that something you could find anywhere.

Too much print
Fine print is for your flyers, and not for your banners. The amount of information that people will bother to read on your banner is limited, and being overwhelmed by text is a sure turn-off.

Avoid These Banner Design Errors

Make sure that the print that you place on your banner is able to be read from a distance, too – so make sure that the font size is big enough.

Too little print
While some banners with just a company logo or one word can be very effective, it really depends on what your business is, and whether you have visibility among customers already. This means if customers already know your brand, colours, logo etc. If not, it is a good idea to put at least a by-line about your business on the sign as well, saying what you do.

Very small logo
How big is your logo going to be on your sign? For a banner, you really want your logo to be the thing that customers can spot from the greatest distance. This means that you should at least consider your logo taking up the entire horizontal space of your banner.
Need more tips for design? At Banner Bug, we’re always happy to help our customers out.

19 Apr 2017

Refreshing Logo Ideas for 2017

With a new year, often can come with it a new start, whether it’s in your personal life or your business. In 2017, it’s time to start thinking about taking your business into the future, so just how exactly does that look? Now may be the time to overhaul your image, and in particular, your logo.
A logo should express a brand, as well as be enticing for customers and also keep up with the times. If you have a stale logo from 20 odd years ago, then now might just be a good time for a refresh. So, how do you stay current, and yet true to brand?

Get the team together
There’s something to be said for teamwork! If your logo is in need of a refresh, the first place that you can start looking for ideas is from within your own company. After all, these are the people that know your brand the best. Some brainstorming about potential ideas for logos (or even just the start of an idea) may get someone creative on the team coming up with something brilliant. It doesn’t have to be long, either, an hour or so brainstorming should do the trick.

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Who is your audience engaged with?
If you already know your target market, then you can do some undercover research. Seek out the type of people on social media that engage with your brand and then see what companies they’re engaging with. You can browse through company logos to get a feel for what’s current, and use it as a benchmark for your very own new design.

Refreshing Logo Ideas for 2017

What about colour?
If your company already has a set of colours that they follow, then its best to stick with the same colours to avoid having to change all your corporate branding. If the colour set is truly outdated, then you might like to think about overhauling the whole lot. Have a look around at brand colouring that is very “up to date” to see what everyone else is getting up to in the colour sphere.

To name or not to name
Another key decision to make is whether your company’s name (or perhaps even just initials) will be incorporated into your logo. In our experience, it is generally a good idea to put your name front and centre of your logo, because it means that customers can’t get confused in any way.

Banner Bug can help with new portable banners to display your brand new logo once you wheel it out. Our pull-up banners are made from top quality materials and we offer a customer service experience that is second to none. Think of us when you’re thinking about your visual displays.

18 Apr 2017

If You Want to Go All Out for Your Display System – These Are Your Must Haves

There’s something to be said for having the biggest and best display system on the block. You’re more likely than your competitors to attract enquiries, generate leads, and even sign up customers. So that’s why you need to carefully consider your display systems and what you should have for your business.

If you’re going all out, these are your definite must haves:

Portable Banners
Your first port of call when it comes to display systems is your pull-up banner, or portable banner. These can travel easily and you can get many made up. You can place these banners at the front of your display system to attract customers from the outside.

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Media Wall
A media wall is larger than traditional banners giving you more space to promote your business. These should be put at the back of your stand. They should be portable so that you can easily take them down and transport them from one location to another.

Demo Screen
By demo screen, we mean a flat screen TV that displays your product, service, or company, on a loop. We are all used to seeing screens in every aspect of our lives, so adding a screen into your display system will automatically draw the eye to this area. Make sure that your short is entertaining for the viewer, as well as informative.

If You Wan to Go All Out for Your Display System

While it’s not often thought of, adding your own custom display flooring to your stand can make a world of difference when it comes to standing apart from the competition. Custom flooring may include your logo, colours, or other identifying features of your company, and it should be hard wearing to accommodate the foot traffic.

Desk or Podium
It is always handy to have a desk or podium in your display system, so that attendants can either speak from behind it, or store extra items inside of it. Adding a desk or podium can help to break up a bare floor space while at the same time be a functional item with your display system, too.

Flyer Stand
The flyer stand can be extremely useful if you have a number of flyers that you would like to be able to distribute to attendees. If you have more than one set of flyers that you have on hand, then a vertical flyer stand can display them all at once, without any clutter.
Banner Bug has all your portable banner needs sorted. As a premier provider of banners across Australia we are known for our quality and easy portability. Flick through our different types of banners to see which one would be the best when setting up your ideal display system, as you are sure to find something that suits.


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